The Twilight Saga

Astoria Mihal

18 (53)
Hiei Coven – Heiress
Straight – Taken by Kollin
Ability - Physical (Hand to hand combat)
FC: Miranda Miller
Family: Astrid, Fallon, Julian, Everett (Cousins) Erika & Lucian (Parents) Amelia (Grandmother)
Ever since she could remember, Astoria was always responsible, having to start to take care of herself fully by the age of fourteen. Her parents were loving and caring for the first decade of her life, bestowing the only child with all the love they could give her. As she aged however, the talk of the supernatural posing as a threat to the human race was contagious and spread rapidly, up to the point where humans dedicated their fundings to search for vaccines to keep these numbers in check. After being let go from work, her parents gave into this ever growing new business and applied for jobs, getting accepted in. The two were barely home for their daughter and she spent practically every day alone, tending for herself. Astoria worried for her parents, since they spent so much time focused on their new jobs and barely cared for much else. She spent most of her time after she came home from school either shopping for food, writing out the bills, or just cleaning the house up in general. In a terrible accident at the labs in which her parents worked in, they were bitten by vampire specimen and were turned themselves. Since was the first time someone from the supernatural worked with the humans, the CEOs gave this a try, using her parents to get onto the inside and help in becoming closer to them.
A few days after she turned eighteen, she was forcibly turned by her own father, due to over feeding or a bloodlust. Pulling her out of schooling, her parents wanted her to assist them in their own work, trying to convince her that eradicating these species would be for the greater good. Appalled at their ignorance and their cruelty towards their own kind, Astoria responded by freeing the vampires and werewolves on that floor and getting them out, escaping along with them. With all of these creatures, she got out two of her own cousins and started a new life with them. For the first few years of their lives, they lived without boundaries, partying all night and just enjoying themselves. Starting to realize that the humans were getting stronger, they sought out refugee within the various coven initiation programs at the times, ultimately joining the coven they've been a part of for so long. As they trained there, they received one of their own cousins as well to raise, ultimately getting her join them once she turned herself and was old enough.
She had always been captivated by learning and education in general so it was no surprise she kept up her own teachings when she joined her coven. She took the liberty at learning multiple languages as well while she was there, noting that they would come in handy at one point. She learned both French and German, although she is much better speaking French. Due to giving up on faith for what she truly became and just not having the proof she wants, she considers herself an atheist. If there was a god, they would have killed her already so she wouldn't have to suffer any longer. After observing and analyzing humans since her childhood, she's developed so many realist and feminist views, noting the imperfect society she used to live in. The resistance coven life for her is such a blessing to be a part of and she doesn't understand how their egalitarian views cannot serve as a template for humans and their own lives. Physically, she is also very strong like most of her kind usually is. She spent almost half her life solely dedicating hours upon hours to strengthen herself up and ruthless training in general. She does it to make sure that she can always keep herself safe and not have to worry for her well being, since all she does is worry about others. She is the mother to the rest of the family she has left.


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