"If There Was Ever A Day Of Complete Solitude, I Would Bask In It's Glory."

†Brooklyn C. Germanotta†
A Wolf For The Modern Day City: Firstly, Brooklyn has her own way that she sees the world. Shes 24 years old, born and raised in the concrete jungle New York is, and never the less a systematic time bomb while being there. OF course a twin to her sister Natali and a breed of wolf all their own. Nothing to special but to her, and her sister Natali this means everything. Because in a few words, they had only been in their wolf form 4 times since they were born. New York is no playground to let the wolf spirit roam, and so it has left some adverse effects on her mind. She is there, but she hears certain things, can't handle others. Of course her parents simply didn't know what to do with these two because in the end, her parents were not wolves themselves. They got the gene from their grandmother and father who taught them everything they need to know. And one thing they needed to know was they needed to get out of the city, and fast if we were to be stable minded young adults. So they left, of course unwilling of the third sister that they do have that is mentioned much more in the news, than in their family. Her family came from a family of 5. Her loving mother who was much to crazy to give herself credit for, and adoring father who wasn't always able to be there, her eldest sister, and her twin sister Natali. She and Natali are the only two wolves in 3 generations of family before them to have this trait, and it baffles them to this day. Another odd thing is their eldest sister is as human as could be. Another reason why the decay of her mind has to be so stressful is that Brooklyn and her family are not strangers to the spotlight, at least when in the city. With Natali living in the woods, and Brooklyn slowly wanting to venture back into the concrete jungle that is New York, with the last name Germanotta how can it not? Their eldest sister, Stefani, wanted to become something more than just a simple girl, and they all knew she was different to say the least. So her parents were merely gone all the time supporting her and her dream, while the twins slowly slunk back into the nothingness that was the life of each other. Now with Brooklyn barley recognizing her own sister, and Natali not daring to mention or say her name, their sister had finally taken the spotlight the spotlight 24/7 for taking on her stage name, Lady Gaga. Not that there was anything wrong with their sister, they merely just thought if they were going to live their lives then they must forget what was created in the land of the fast paced and sleepless.


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