Cameron Tyler Metz — 18 — September 24th — In love with Katelyn ♥ — No kids.

Cameron was a normal teenage boy. He had two parents and an older sister. He played football, basketball and baseball. He was into music, playing the guitar, piano and singing. He never was much of the dating type even though he was considered to be the “jock". In his sophmore year his sister got into a car accident and was pronounced dead at the crash site. It devistated him. About a year ago he met Katelyn, she was a pretty tough one to get her out of her shell but he eventually did and he was happy. One day they were driving to the movies when they got into a car accident, the car hit Katelyns side and seriously injured her. He couldn't believe what had happend, after loosing his sister from a car accident he couldn't bare to loose the love of his life the same way. She luckily pulled through but then Cameron became sick due to not eating and stressing over Katelyn being hurt. He has made a recovery himself. He loves Katelyn and couldn't imanged his life without her, he wants to be married to her one day as well as have a family with her.


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