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You were the one I wanted most to stay. But time could not be kept at bay. The more it goes, the more it's gone - the more it takes away. `

| Caroline // Twenty // Single |
Caroline Louise Styles - the rebellious one in the family, that was until her brother - Michael - followed in suit. Making them both the black sheep of the family, that was short before they were disowned completely from their family. Which just made them worse than they were already. Caroline is a year older than Michael and was introduced by 'friends' to drugs and alcohol a little sooner than Michael. But once they were both on the stuff that was it...nobody could really stop them. However, being disowned by her family made her step back and realized what she had done. There were countless reasons for the way she was. She never told people them though. They already thought she was crazy. Truth was, Caroline trusted the wrong people, the people that hurt her. She's guarded now. Cold hearted and guarded.She's the beauty in search of her beast. Despite the things Caroline has done she is highly intelligent and has a dream that one day she'll change and become the women her mother always wanted her to be. Like Belle, Caroline loves to read and yearns for adventures 'in the great wide somewhere', like those in her beloved books. Practical and outspoken, she is capable of great love and courage. With Caroline's spirit and beauty, she can see beyond appearance and will do anything to turn her dreams into reality.


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