charlotte *

“ they write about this kind of love.. ”

Charlotte Isabel Vargas, beauty queen. She is nineteen years old, a hunter and doppelganger. She grew up in a family of an other, as she was adopted. Her family was not her true family, she was adopted. At the age of nine her parents died in an plane accident, leaving her and her brother alone. She learned how to be the mature one and how to always put her brother and her loved ones before her. they weren't homeless, their aunt took them in and they started fresh. Over the years she discover a passion for writing, she would write stories and poems. It was one thing she held from her deceased mother. To this day she doesn't know who her real parents are but she had pushed the wonder aside as she promised her mother that she would follow her dreams and focus on writing and possibly teaching. Stefan Salvatore was the one selfish decision she made. They meet on a cold December night, and she grew attracted to him - her attraction soon turn into something more. She slowly began to love him. She loved him for who he was; for his species and his past did not bother her. She's now setting up for college and is slowly learning to live by herself. She doesn't have any children at the moment.