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Clyde Alexander Blair was born in Edinburgh,Scotland on the 9th of October,1946, to Betty and Roger Blair. His parents doted him but not to extremes. In 1961 he picked up a bass guitar given to him by his Aunt Maria and soon became fairly good after taking a few lessons to learn the basics. He's got a level head but he indulges quite often. Pills are his choice favourite. He's the second worst in the group when it comes to drugs. As a Libra, though, he has a cool temper, making him much easier to work with even when he's on medicine. He knows it's bad.
Clyde's best friend, David is, in fact, much worse in this department. Clyde spends most of his time by David's side, working with him, trying to wean him off the pills. He knows it won't work. He knows that soon, some day David will die and the Kingfishers will cease to exist.


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