The Twilight Saga


Socially awkward Felix Townsley was born in Leeds in 1978. He grew up with parents who sheltered him from the world, keeping him out of harms way but it ended up that was the exact opposite of what they were doing. Felix, upon leaving home for college panicked but managed to fend for himself after a few days of staying in a dorm alone. The poor boy didn't even have a room mate to teach him left from right when it came to social situations.
The year is 2003 and the economy is booming. Felix is a genius. Maybe a little bit too much of one. He can be pretentious at times and maybe a bit whiny but he knows what he's doing with his money and he is very well put together. Maybe running from the hot tub of childhood into the cold water of college was a good experience for him. Or maybe it's ruined his chances to rise on the social ladder?


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