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Evan Jeremy Wilson was born in London in 1988 on the 6th of June. He's always been a bit stubborn to say the least and always been an 'old soul.' according to his loving mother who passed away around 2004 from breast cancer. He loved her just as much as his brothers and sisters but with his resilient personality it didn't take too long for him to get over it. One thing he's never been able to get over, though, is his longing for the past. "Why can't it just be the bleedin' 60s." "I don't belong here!" "Take me back home." Home, Evan's never known what home really is.
Recently, Evan and his family have moved to the country side in order to escape the distractions of the city, a choice that was mostly driven by Evan's wild behaviour. The teenager doesn't like the country side very much but he manages. Friendless, he wonders finding various new ways to cause trouble and find enjoyment in this new life


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