Daniel (Danny) Heald | twenty one ; single - talking to Hannah ; no children.
Daniel was always the outsider growing up. He was one who loved music and art, and he didn't mind being different. Growing up in a wealthy family and attending a private school his whole life wasn't his ideal plan, so he took off as soon as he graduated. Now he plays guitar for a local band called, The Ace Kings. They aren't that big and usually play on the street or in bars or clubs. He doesn't mind it though. It gives him enough money to live his life. You might see that he is covered in tattoos for that is where his love of art comes in. For him they aren't just some random ink imbedded in his skin, but his life put into a picture book with his body being the book. | He enjoys hanging out with his band mates and making his fans proud. He never puts himself first.


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