"Everyone Has A Story, Mine May Just Be A Novel Already."

†Drew D. Dallas†
It's All Fun And Games Until Blood Splatters: Vegas. A place where there is no limit to what can be done. As rules are in place, for some its a children's playground. Drew Dallas never thought that he would be standing in the heart of Vegas, with a handful of cold hard cash, ready to take down one of the biggest corporations that ran underground. No one knew names, and no one asked questions. If dirty work needed done, these were the men to contact. How Drew got here was for his own purposes. Pale skinned, bright throbbing red eyes under crystal blue contacts, this New Born vampire is fueled on revenge. A type of revenge that was going to be so sweet. In the end, he knew this corporation was ran by immortals. Vampires at large using what they knew about humans again'st them in every which way. Of course Drew couldn't walk through the doors that easily. To kill a vampire was to have them set aflame and blown to shreds. What better way to get the job done than to do it in a stylish way? When he got into this business he found one man who would stand with him. Together, buying the best of the best vehicles that they could find. Plotting, and planning for them to get out on the road, and chase them down, and have them terminated by their own cars. It seemed like an easy task, until blood started to spill over it. Many humans have died because of these chases, and with him being a New Born vampire, his rage was great. To exterminate who turned him, and to gain what was rightfully his.


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