The Twilight Saga

Evelyn Andris

19 (70)
Belial Coven - Heiress
Straight - Single
Ability - Physical (Hand to hand combat, no weapon preference)
FC: Jillian Rose Reed
Family: Acacia Corvinus (Cousin)

The one and only surviving Andris descendant from the infamous raid on her family. Due to the kidnapping and slaughter of her family because of their easy to corrupt and manipulate 'immortality' gene, her family was said to have been erased from history and from the lives of the Nykterída. Realizing that this family was unable to produce a human counterpart to their immortal gene, anyone held in captivity of the humans were slaughtered. The reason Evelyn was spared was due to how ill and feeble she was in adolescence and the humans wanted no part in a defected immortal that could potentially upset their research. She was found by an official of the Belial council, Marilyn Harris whom immediately got her into the coven for safety. Politically, she is a powerful tool, being the last of the Andris clan her opinion on everything related to the coven is held in high regard. But, her identity was to be concealed at all time, for the information that an Andris was still alive would be groundbreaking news and ultimately, lead into a revolt into changing the system and adding Evelyn into more international affairs to represent her family; even when their international council has been disbanded for over 30 years. To the Corvinus clan, an Andris still alive would be a threat to their dominance of the Nykterída and would preferably want her out of the picture. On a broader note, if her identity was to leak out into the human world, there would be even more of a drive for them to come after their kind to completely eliminate another Nykterída unit from this world..
Because of these standards, Evelyn lives a more protected lifestyle; in an apartment within walking distance of the Belial coven base. The lifestyle to her isn't so bad, she still has freedom to do as she pleases but of course, cannot draw attention to herself in case who she really is is discovered. Being the Belial's "dirty little secret" definitely can bring forth dilemmas, especially when no one else accept that coven knows about her very existence.


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