The Twilight Saga

Fallon Petro

16 (26)
Hiei Coven
Pansexual - Single
Ability - Mental (Mind reading, telekinesis, concilium, can create weapons from psychic energy)
FC: Nia Lovelis
Family: Astoria, Everett, Julian (Cousins) Astrid (Long lost sister) Salvador (Father)
Fallon was the first born Petro to her parents. She was born human, of a human father and a werewolf mother. A year later, they conceived and gave birth to another girl, Fallon's sister Astrid. Their mother died within childbirth. Like her mother, she was too a werewolf. In their early years of life, they bonded together and were frequently visited by the Lazos family that knew their parents since their childhood. They loved their son Christian and they were practically inseparable, as to the point where both him and Fallon swore they were going to get married. However, times got hard and the Lazos family couldn't afford the trips into the USA to visit the Petros and they rarely came. This was heartbreaking for the sisters, thinking they really had lost their best friend. As the attacks on the supernatural progressed, their father became concerned of the two girls' safety. With their family name being so tiny in retrospect to the others, he decided to separate the two, increasing the chance that they would both or at least one who still stay alive. Since he was only human, he felt like he wouldn't be strong enough to protect them both. Keeping Astrid with him, in order to control her and keep a closer eye on her and her own lycanthropy, he entrusted Fallon's care in the odd, new family unit of Everett, Astoria, and Julian.
Once she arrived, Astoria was really the one who took care of her, since Julian and Everett were the ones that really were responsible for making the money that kept their roof above their heads. Astoria had to then adjust to a single parent role and balance taking care of Fallon and also keeping up with her own studies and training. Miraculously, she did it and raised this fiery child into the young woman she grew to be, although she was forcibly turned by an unknown force before she reached eighteen. Before she turned, Astoria enrolled her in actual schooling, making sure she received some sort of education. Fallon's overconfidence and striking persona did make her well liked but she was more peculiar than anything. As if Astoria really was her mother, she fed off of how she thought and did and she herself took after her. Fallon's controversial opinions and radical ways of thinking definitely seemed eccentric to her peers. Her most scandalous ideals were how she was so open about her own sexuality and sex in general. For such a young woman, she spoke and thought as if she was triple her actual age. She saw nothing wrong with this and in fact was her own sexual liberator, using the feminist ideas she's been exposed to to back herself up. She despised how women were usually treated in society, just solely for sex for men and she always thought, why not do the opposite?
Due to this, Fallon never really had relationships, they were just friends with benefits. She felt that if men could do this and be called a saint for being able to sleep with all these women, that she should be able to do the exact same thing and still be referred to as a woman rather than harlot. She's a very promiscuous woman and is usually able to seduce whomever she wishes. Her abnormal strength in a form of compulsion, mind reading, and telekinesis only helps intensify how sultry she really is. As a person in general, she's usually very cocky and obnoxiously loud. She embraces her strengths and also her flaws, loving and respecting herself no matter what. She could be compared to fairy or an imp, very lighthearted and bright in whatever she does. She is also very overprotective of her love ones and formed strong bonds with her three cousins that she was raised by.


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