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Comment by Dιƨαρρɛαяιиɢ Acт on April 9, 2013 at 7:24pm

At 10:35pm on October 21, 2012, ɪᴅɪᴏsʏɴᴄʀᴀᴛɪᴄ said…

[45 minutes later] Jace wiped his mouth with his napkin and took a sip of his champagne, looking into her eyes. His heart began beating slowly and he inhaled deeply, taking her hands. "The first time I met you, we were outside a bar and I could remember thinking, what the hell is this woman fussing on the phone about. I swear I was so high, I didn't know what was going on, so I came to you-- phased by your fiery red locks, your.. your beautiful freckles, your strong personality-- you were just perfect. As I got to know you-- I got to know your son and he became one of my best friends. I never knew a child could be so energetic and amazing. Then there was those long strolls in the park, the ice cream stops, the times I just stay over all night talking to you and Devin and falling asleep on the couch, both you and him in  my arms and it was then when I knew I was in love with you Teagan. You made me feel like I was actually needed-- and I needed someone to need as well, and there you were-- there you are. You're standing here before me-- beautiful and extraordinary, and I can't thank you more for taking me as I am and loving me unconditionally, loving Devin unconditionally and letting me get closer to the best things I have in this world. So Teagan.. here I am-- I man.. asking you..." He got up slowly and pulled out a velvet box out of his pocket, his eyes burning from the tears that longed to escape, but his pride wouldn't let him cry. He got down on his knee and it was as if everyone in the room stopped and was watching them. From the corner came Ciellia, holding onto Devin who was wide eyed and smiling. Ciellia's eyes were watering and a single tear came out the moment Jace spoke again, "Teagan Clarabelle Martin.. will you do the honors of being.. my wife ?"

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