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Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on August 25, 2012 at 10:43pm

At 10:15pm on August 25, 2012, ∂ɛsiяɛ. said…

John could hear the light thuds , that came from down the hall , he raised his eyebrow wondering what that strange yet handsome boy was doing ; as he tried ignoring the sounds of the creaking bed , and tried to free himself of the thoughts of the ' L I T T L E D R U M M E R B O Y ' but he couldn't as his eyes closed the image of those cute wide scared eyes appeared , he quickly opened his eyes as he heard his footsteps echo closer ; he watched the t.v. but he didn't pay attention to it " Well I couldn't leave our drummer on the streets now could I ?! " he teased the young lad , he gave a light shrug sure it was awfully nice , but head done it one selfish reasons he wanted to have the young drummer around to stare at him to memorize every single detail about this handsome young lad ; he was actually delighted with the idea of him crashing here , it might of sounded creepy clearing his throat lightly " are you er' hungry ?!" he raised his eyebrow he hadn't ate since the morning being in a band was well a tough job , Ashe got up tapping on his flat stomach , " 'Cuz you know what I'm starving " he chuckled and looked over at him motioning for him to follow he made his way into the kitchen like the rest of his house it was simple , nothing over the top he didn't like things like that ; he liked to get home to something relaxing , not a stupid mess of worthless things , he usually had left overs of junk food ; but he also had actual food also after a few seconds of searching his fridge he clicked his tongue ' Click , Click' " we can order in , or if you in the mood we can go out and find a place to eat " he chuckled lightly, he didn't like going out much unless it was something about the band which was all the time , 
Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on August 5, 2012 at 11:03pm

 ∂ɛsiяɛ. said…

• John • 

Looked at him he chuckled lightly hearing his high pitched voice it was different you usually didn't hear a high pitched voice on a 17 year old; as they slipped outside of the recording studio , he looked around the place it was getting dark the sun quickly hid behind the taller buildings ; he didn't know what to say , he wasn't very social he was more of a laid back person ; he walked through the streets his apartment not to far away he could almost simply say it was around the corner , he pulled out the keys looking over at him " So Keith , " he chuckled ; he didn't want to stare to long at him then he would get a tingling sensation inside of him , he felt stupid somehow but he couldn't help it he gave in so easily to those wide chocolate brown eyes , " how did you make Pete, so erh angry " he asked as they finally made it to his apartment he usually took the steps , but today he just .... Well was lazy ; he pushed the button looking over at Keith as they waited for the elevator to open he still had a pretty tight grip on his drumsticks " I don't bite ," he chuckled lowly and slipped into the elevator he watched him slip in would he always be this quiet ? " fine don't tell me but do tell me if your going to be quiet all the time aren't drummers suppose  to be loud and nuts " he let his laughter full the quiet elevator , his laughter wasn't very high pitched he had always had a deep voice even at 16 he scratched his head lightly watching Keith admiring Keith ; he tried not to look like a creep look away ever now and then , 
Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on August 3, 2012 at 6:30pm

 Bella Swan - Lost star said…

-John-...Oh we go again....

-shakes his head and watches Pete i join in or be a party pooper?

I blame it on that bloomin My Generation...gets him everytime 

-Keith cheekily laughs like a naughty schoolboy and prepares his drumsticks for battle-


-after the show in a nearby cafe John sighs ..drowning his sorrows with a shot of whisky-
there goes another Gibson...

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 26, 2012 at 5:46pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa stumbled back from the other Pete's grasp when John walked in. She caught herself on the wall, breathing heavily. She watched John throw a punch at the direction of Pete, his hand going right through him. Clarissa watched in strange awe wondering why she could touch the evil Pete but no one else could. Pete narrowed his eyes at John and dipped his head at Clarissa before disappearing back into the mirror. John turned to look at Clarissa who stared at him intently wondering how she would explain this. "Thank you.." She whispered softly to him, he saved her from whatever would have happened, and she owed him for that. She sat down on the window seat and sighed, mumbling to herself, "I thought we took care of him, by leaving.."

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 26, 2012 at 5:45pm

 Bella Swan - Lost star said…

-smiles-..clever girl then...with good taste ..cos.The Who are blooming fantastic...!!

and she's Pete's chick...-chuckles-...lucky Pete huh

(Lucky me too :))

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 26, 2012 at 5:10pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa felt as if she couldn’t breathe, as the red eyed Pete made his way towards her.  She tried to open her mouth to scream but nothing would come out.  Pete just kept moving closer until his hand was resting on Clarissa cheek sending a dreadful feeling to the pit of her stomach.  “P-Pete.” She  whispered softly,  his eyes narrowing at her.  The red in them making her feel as though she was staring in the eyes of the devil, causing her to gulp slightly.  The thoughts of hatred over powered Clarissa causing her to become more and angrier at Pete. The real one.  Her lips quivered, as the chill of the other Pete’s hand sent a shiver through her.  “Pete, what do you want?” She questioned, finally finding her voice through the chaos.

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 26, 2012 at 5:09pm

 Katie said…


that just made my whole day! ace lip synching skills for sure! ;)

that was just......too much! you're too much and I mean that in the best possible way dahling...and the freakiest thing is your sound the way I pictured you sounding which is just.........bizarre...........

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 25, 2012 at 10:35pm

 Bella Swan - Lost star said…

ahhh your page is always great ...stop being so M O D est LOL ...

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 25, 2012 at 10:16pm

 ∂ɛsiяɛ. said…

John smiled nodded ; " Yeah , he can be quiet frightening " he chuckled looking at him ; Keith he was something out of this world , his beautiful chocolate brown eyes stared at him ; surely they'd pop out at any second , he cleared his throat looking at him ; he hadn't the strangest urge to hold their new drummer , he shook his head ' What was he thinking ' he asked himself ; as he straighten up he was pretty tall ; he didn't know what else to say to this frighten drummer , he looked around the room ; and inhaled sharply " so...." he raised his eyebrow ; he was well speechless for one the weird urges he was getting around the newest band member this really wasn't usual , he was straight wasn't he ; well Yeah or so he thought and this well it completely changed everything , and he couldn't keep his eyes off of him , maybe he looked like a completely creep but he really didn't care ; he quickly shoved his hands into his pockets ; as he watched Roger , Pete step back into the room his smile disappeared he leaned back against the wall watching them ; He watched Keith immediately press himself even more against the wall ; he felt bad for the poor drummer boy he looked so scared he knew he wanted to make a good impression on the band members but he was already in why not go nuts?!
Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 25, 2012 at 9:52pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa and Pete made themselves a bed on the floor, wrapped in each others arms. They talked a little about the house that they would want to live in. They both decided on a small house of sorts, with 3 bedrooms. One for them, one for their kids, and one for the dog they planned to take with them. Slowly Pete fell asleep, but Clarissa stayed awake her mind flipping around like the pages of a book. She stood silently and walked to the wash room, wetting her face a bit with cold water. She looked up into the mirror studying her features. She had dark circles under her eyes from where she hadn't been getting much sleep, and the dark browns of her irises were almost black.

(The bold phrase is what made me love this comment so much)

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