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Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 25, 2012 at 8:03pm

∂ɛsiяɛ. said…

John Entwistle was making his way to the 'RHYTHM SECTION' he had heard about the newest member of the band raising his eyebrow as he watched the rest of the band members leave the room now the drummer he couldn't be that bad now could he? As he stepped into the room ; if he hadn't been such a calm , and serious guy he could've sworn he would've grinned like a big idiot but of course he didn't " Your the new drummer?" he asked the guy , he watched as he just stood their wide eyed ; he noticed that he had quiet a tight hold on his drum sticks he looked back from where the band members had left " Very intimating , eh?" he chuckled , he looked around as he waited for the shy drummer to say something now he couldn't be that bad looking to scare someone speechless could he?! He looked over at the boy a bit surprised , this boy was actually quiet attractive he had that boyish look and his ' W I D E EYES' just adorable in many ways ; he smiled hoping he would just relax a bit , yes unfortunately Roger was very rude and scary ; if you didn't know him ; but sooner or later he'd get to know him , everyone would get along, he leaned against the doorway waiting for any response ; it was natural for the band members to judge they always wanted the best and here he was ; the best of the best he guessed. 
Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 25, 2012 at 6:38pm

Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Oh my gosh, I just died. That was the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Your So cute! <3 Gosh. I am so Lucky!.

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 24, 2012 at 11:14pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Dang, It sounds like it was a blast!<3 I agree he is mmm..yeah words can't describe John without causing an arousal. xD

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 24, 2012 at 2:51pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa fell asleep in Pete's arms, her petite body fitting comfortably, against hist warm chest. As she slept her mind wondered, through vast memories. An extremely dreadful path,which began with her walking down a road hand in hand with her father, he explaining the ropes of being part of the Gold family. She remembered that lecture from when she realized her father and mother weren't really hers. That she was found, alone as a small child. The path tuned into a bed of dead roses, covering a place on the ground that had been dug up for a burial. Her little brother, died at the age of 3 from his appendix bursting, but at this time, they wouldn't know about that.  They thought he died of natural causes. The next memory, was of a prior dream, Pete, laying on her bed, his arm draped over the side, and blood covering the floors. Clarissa looked away, causing the scene to flip to where she was looking up at the stars? The ceiling maybe. She could hear Pete's voice telling her not to leave just yet, but she wasn't going anywhere. She reached out to touch his face, and he placed his big hand over her small cold one. She wanted to tell him to stop crying, she wanted to know why he was crying. Then something clicked, it was her, she was dying. Clarissa woke from her dream shivering, she stood moving from a still slumbering Pete. It was just breaking dawn outside the broken window, but her heart was breaking from the dream.

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 24, 2012 at 3:16am

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa, looked back at the real Pete and nodded, slipping her way past the ghost, and running towards Pete. She had his bag in her hand, but using her other one she grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door, and down the steps. The door to Clarissa's house, slamming all on it's own. She looked over to Pete who stood still staring at her house. Where would she sleep tonight? Or Wash up in the morning? She intertwined her fingers with his, "I don't know where to go." She whispered counting on him.

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 24, 2012 at 1:20am

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

I honestly don't think you could get any cuter darling! You have broke the cute scale! Your Just too dang Cute

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 23, 2012 at 9:39pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Haha Every time I get a comment from you I am like;

Cause I love you!<3

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 23, 2012 at 6:38pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

“Don’t say that you hate yourself.” Clarissa breathed, “You are more than my world now, and I love everything about you.” She stood on her tip toes placing her hands on his cheeks and pulling him down to her. “Whatever happens if I don’t show up, we will get through. I promise you on everything I stand for.” Clarissa looked up at the place in the wall that he had taken out with his fist, and she chuckled softly, picking up his hand to examine it. When she was sure no bones were out of place she buried her face in his neck wrapping her arms around him, she whispered. "Sing to me."

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 23, 2012 at 5:12pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Did anyone ever tell you how gorgeous you are? Because you should be hearing it all the time, I'm jealous. Cause you are so adorable!<3

I'm so lucky(;

Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 23, 2012 at 3:10pm

 Ǥℓιттɛяιиɢ-Ǥιяℓ♥ said…

Clarissa took Pete’s advice and rolled the body up in blankets, before shoving it in the hall closet. When she turned around she took Pete’s hands in hers, pulling him along the long hallway, to her bedroom. When they arrived, there was nothing but silence weighing down the room, no harsh tones, and nothing standing in the way. Clarissa placed her hand on Pete’s flushed cheek, bring her lips to meet his as the air played a soft tune. The moment was perfect, every touch, and every kiss. The longing closed between them, as her deep brown hair made a perfect curtain shielding them from the world, and from worry. All her life, Clarissa dreamed of this, of one day waking up and having someone that she could hold onto for the rest of forever. And she had found that with her Pete. But something clicked as she laid there, her head resting on the base of his chest, listening to his soft snores. She couldn’t have him forever. He would miss his friends, his music. They mattered to him, just like Clarissa did, maybe more. A small tear fell from her eye as she shut them slowly. She would do anything in her power not to lose him, maybe even if it meant a few house guests.

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