The Twilight Saga

Harper "The Savior" Rella

24 (168)
Empusa Coven - Leader
Pansexual - Single
Ability - Mental (Mind reading, telekinesis, compulsion/manipulation, levitation)
FC: Aiden Ashley
Family: Kylie (Goddaughter)

Smart, seductive, and sarcastic are probably the best words to describe Harper. She was the obvious choice as coven leader once the Empusa coven was established decades ago. As time progressed as leader for her, the purges of both vampire and werewolf species commenced, making her job much harder than before. She started to meet up with other coven leaders, knowing Calypso very well due to her sister being the woman's lover but tragically was murdered by the humans during these genocides. In rage, she immediately joined into the resistance with the Hiei people, making her coven and Calypso's close allies.
Due to her lovable and outgoing persona, she was able to infiltrate the various lab centers and free captured creatures through the perverted men who worked there. Using this technique, she's freed about a sixth of all creatures being tested on, although her job is far from over. She gained her street name of 'The Savior' due to being compared to Moses leading his own people from Egypt and the now freed vampires and werewolves compare her to that status.


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