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Good MelissaMy name is Marina. I am that type of person who generally has good mood every day,
and I do not need to have much reason to be happy.
I myself have a good intuition and sometimes I prefer to trust to
my feelings at current moment in order make a decision,
than take my time and hardly think about all pluses and minuses.
I currently do not have any priority about the country where I would like to build my future,
and I am not searching for a man from exactly this country.
I am sure if you will find me interesting, you will find a way to win me,
and made me be interested at you. I like you profile very much. I’m from Russia.
I think you know it’s country of long winters and snow.
But our country is also famous for great hospitality. I’m 29 years old.
I’m family-oriented and I would found a close-knit family.
In my free time I’m reading, listening to music, cooking and learning foreign languages.
Please tell me about yourself: what do you like most of all and what are your aims and ambitions?
What kind of books, music do you like? I would like to know about you more.
I’ll try to tell about myself more in my next mails. I’m waiting for your reply so much.
Best wishes, Marina


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