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Josh Ramsay

Josh grew up in a house surrounded by music. His mother was a vocal coach who worked with some of the biggest names, referred to her by Josh's father, who was a music producer and studio owner. From a young age, he was interested in joining the family business. At age 3, he took up piano. Age 5, guitar. Josh taught himself drums and bass, as well as almost every other instrument you can think of.

But, no one's life can be really perfect. Josh lived in a ignorant bliss with his little sister, Jordan, through childhood. Up until he was about 10, he had thought that everyone was a musician, that everyone was happy and that was just how the world worked.

Unfortunately a couple of years later reality came crashing down. Josh got bullied in school, mostly for being the 'choir and band geek' through out middle school. At 13, Josh was diagnosed with depression with lead into the downfall of his teenage years.

Shortly after the diagnosis, the bullying came to be too much. People would call him disgusting names, as well as tell him things about himself that was untrue. So, the dirty blonde 13 year old only had one solution: to pick up a blade.

Obviously this wasn't thing ONLY choice he had, but it him it seemed like it was. Along with the growing collection of scars and cuts from every hurtful word from his peers, Josh slowly stopped eating, thanks to people calling him fat. When, in reality, he was the perfect weight for someone his age and height.

Josh's parents and siblings caught on quickly to his odd eating habits several months after he had turned 14. So, they basically forced him to eat in front of them to make sure he was healthy. But that only lead to him dancing with more devils. After meals, Josh would go into the bathroom and throw back up everything he had previously.

By this point, at 15, Josh was thinking, "Well, it's not like I can screw up my life anymore." Oh how wrong he was. Josh fell, his once white wings charring black.

At a party one night, he was hanging out with some of the school's alcoholics and drug addicts. Obviously, he didn't care; Josh just wanted the ache from the depression to go away even for a little while. Not much can be recalled from that night. The last thing he remembers is drinking some beer and doing a bit of marijuana, then waking up the next morning in a basement with a piece of elastic tied around his arm and a needle mark in his arm.

The next year or so was hell. Josh was disappearing constantly. The longest he had attended school was a week. But during that week, one of his teachers assigned him a tutor to at least give him a chance at graduating. Her name was Hayley. Little did he know at the time, Hayley would change his life.

For the first while, Josh was distant and cold. But after some prodding, Hayley got him to open up to her, a rare occurrence. The 2 started casually dating; you know, teenage puppy love.

After missing the last few weeks of school, Josh ran away with Jordan to Portland, reasons unknown. The 2 lived in an abandoned hotel for 3 months, Josh selling himself for money for heroin and food.

The duo returned to Vancouver. Things weren't much better there then they were in Portland, but at least they had a warm place to stay. School started again, and Josh disappeared once more, this time ending up in Toronto.

Once he was found and sent back home, his parents gave him 2 options: go to rehab or get out of the house. Josh had already been out of the house for 5 months total and he didn't really enjoy that too much so he chose rehab. The idea that was seared into his brain was that he would go, get out and go right back into the drugs. That didn't happen.



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Comment by ℓσѕт σηєƨ ™ on June 28, 2014 at 10:15pm
The following months him and Jordan were in there the most gruelling of his life. For 2 weeks, Josh couldn't even sit up, or eat. Anything the nurses tried to give him would come right back up 5 minutes later. He didn't sleep at all. He couldn't speak. Josh was practically paralyzed for 2 weeks. But the worst was only at the beginning, thankfully.

Hayley came and visiting them regularly, despite her being angry about him leaving town with no explanation. Hayley and Josh started dating again, but this time it was something more serious. More... Real.

After 8 months, the pair could go back home. Their lives finally fell into place. Josh's band, Marianas Trench, really took off. Him and Hayley fell in love shortly after Josh was sent into rehab and have been inseparable ever since. The pair are now engaged, as well have 2 children together. Jordan was finally happy again.

I guess some things turn out exactly how you want them to.

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