"Everyone Trusts A Cop, But No One Trusts Me."

†Kaden G. Blain†
Police Enforcement You Would Not Want: Kaden grew up in a society where crime was never taken care of. At the age of 5 he witnessed his own parents steal a $208,987 from a bank. They were sloppy in the job as well, but no one came after them. The society was fine with the legal issues dragging, and most were suffering for it, even if they didn't know it yet. As he grew even more, his mind began to transform into the mindset of normal it all was, even at the age of 17 murdering 2 females, and one male because they "looked at him wrong." He was never punished, and when his parents found out they praised him for it. Giving him encouragement to do it once more. As more time passed, he had graduated High School he decided that he wanted to be a cop. As he left the society that he had dearly already missed into a real town that had rules. The academy in which he went for Law Enforcement was strict and it was something very new to him. As he did pass everything to become a legal police officer, he lied through most of it. He knew that the world was "Screwed up," for having such laws. In this act, one night he was called out to a domestic violence case. It appeared to be actually a women who was abusing a man. He acted in the sense of telling the women its okay, and then proceeded to murder them both. With an item the female was beating the man with, he bashed their heads in. No one ever found out, they just thought he didn't make it there in time. Sly, and cunning he moves through this world now with great confidence he can "fix it.


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