"Never Underestimate The Power Of Thought"

A Criminal At Large: When everyone went about their day already had planned out, Kyle had everything planned out to a T. In his younger days, he was adults worst enemy. Perhaps it was because of his attitude towards many aspects of life, or maybe it was even because he was always trying to trick them. Mostly it was because he was much smarter than them. Always coming up with ideas on how to cheat the system, or lie his way out of getting in trouble with his parents. As he started to grow he noticed why his parents were always so upset with him, and that's when the tables really turned. He started very small, breaking into his parents e-mails and cases with locks. Then that desire to break into things started to grow and grow. It grew so large that when he hit the age of 17 he was probably the smartest out of his high school, breaking into the schools codes, and always messing with the system. Although he never used this for his grades, he could get them on his own. About a month and a half before he was going to graduate, he was brought under the grasp of immortality. Ever since that day that he had came home after, smelling blood, and craving it, seeing his mother and father react to his new "condition," he quickly made the escape, and never left. Leaving his parents alive and well, but them never knowing what became of their son, and very much did become of him. At the very peak of his game, age 24 this man started to do various criminal acts, mostly hacking, but going on heists with his clients as well. Underground, and secret he runs his business. Living in the City, it wasn't that hard. Its all of a matter of time before he breaks even more laws, or the law breaks him.


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