The gods war hammer

Early Life                                                                                                                                                                                           

Hot headed and temperamental but what would you expect from the son of Ares. As a boy Lazander, Laz for short, was always mischievous and immature always getting in trouble and being yelled at. Destroying something then blaming his twin brother Lykos. He was always a powerhouse dragging Damien, the person who raised him, around when he would try to grab him and stop him.  He was always the one that pulled pranks on people and was hardly ever serious. 

Modern day                                                                                                                                                                                            

All these centuries later and he still hasn't changed. Still a clown and as reckless as ever. The gods use his fighting sense and abilities to handle things on Earth for them. He has helped his old teacher Damien throughout the years with the protection of his niece. He's even gone as far as dressing up as a girl to get in close to the target they were after. Of course that was all just a fun game for him. Most recently he was reunited with his twin brother Lykos. He and his twin brother were separated do to a curse not intended for his brother, but for Laz and his love Rosaria. For centuries Lykos was nowhere to be found and Laz and Rosa forgot the love they once had due to this curse. Lykos now feels the love for Rosa that Laz once had, creating a very odd and unfortunate cursed love triangle.


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