Madysin Chae Tyler — 17 — March 16th — In love with Isaac ♥ — No kids.

Madysin was born to a small, normal everyday family. She did gymnastics and took dance lessons. Always being ambitious in everything she did. When she was eleven her mother gave birth to a cute, healthy baby boy. A few weeks after bringing him home he fell very sick with pneumonia and died a couple days later. It devistated her family and their family friends. Her mother tried and tried to have another baby, but just became devastated each time because she just couldn't seem to get pregnant again. The last time she tried it work, she had gotten pregnant but a few weeks later had a miscarriage, it broke her mother. One day when she got home from school she noticed her mother wasn't in the living room to greet her like usual, she walked up to her mothers room and found her mother, hanging from the ceiling.. That broke her. She became so quiet and shy. About a year ago she met Isaac, it took sometime but she fell for him. Shes been happier than she has in a while. Isaac is that guy, the one she knows she wants to be with for the rest of her life, she just hopes she won't loose him.


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