The Twilight Saga

Marilyn Kormos

21 (137)
Straight - Single
Belial Coven - Councilwoman
Ability - Mental (Mind reading, concilium, mediumship)
FC: Lights
Marilyn is the head of the Belial council. She was the one who had found the last Andris and brought her into their custody, taking care of her until she was able to take care of herself. Due to the coven being the smallest, their council really is ineffective in decision making and is more corrupt than it should be. Many of the representative think of themselves and strive to gain more power by bribing themselves out into higher positions in different covens.
Marilyn works alongside Jonathan, their leader in external affairs that pertain to the coven, whether it be over excessive feedings, regional disputes, and exponential growth in murders around their area. She loves her job and takes it very serious although most other vampires don't see it as something worth for her to care so much about.
She possesses a motherly side for the younger generations and enjoys looking out for them. Not able to have children herself, any of the young vampires that she grows close to she views as her own in order to cope with that. Se is also very artistic and enjoys painting and singing.


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