The Twilight Saga

Mila (ghost)

Cause of death-Ran over
Mila was a sweet and charming girl. But she hung out with the wrong people. Both her parents were dead so she was living on her own. One night she refused to go to a party. It was raining and she didn't party. She went to go bring her dog inside and well the guy she refused to go to the party with was drunk and saw her. He sped up and Mila's dog ran out in the street just in time. Mila ran to save her dog but they both ended up dead when the head lights hit their eyes and the tires drove away. Mila and her dog were found an hour after by her neighbor and the hospital took her in. But she was gone. Her spirit never rested easy so her ghost wondered to this fine little town where she felt at home.

Albums: The Ghost


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