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" it was the fault beneath our stars ". . . .
miranda jaime loveland | seventeen | march 5| single - talking | banshee | 0 kids |

here lies the girl who's life got turned upside down, mirandas life was never like that growing up,it was what some people called a perfect life - she had a good childhood with her twin sister victoria, a mother and father who loved them both dearly. One night her parents and both girls went out camping, miranda was having the time of her life when she got bit by something, miranda completely ignored it thinking it was just a small bug bite but over the course of days the bite began to get bigger, the doctors had never seen such a thing before. Than one day the mysterious bite went away but mirandas personality went with it, she used to be a sweet happy girl, now she's what you call a banshee, definition ? - a girl who's wails indicate someone's close to death. Now miranda could sense when someone is close to death just by her screams, it's a life no one wants.

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