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All Alyce Everhart ever wanted was a relationship with a good guy. it was remarkably hard for her, since she was one of the most bashful people in the whole school and all her previous boyfriends had betrayed her trust in some way. Finally, one day, a boy came along who led her to believe that he was different. After a month, that relationship turned into abuse that Alyce could not escape. Finally, one day, just before her end, he was taken away. He wasn't supposed to see Alyce ever again, and for that she was glad. Just 2 years later, a new boy tries to befriend her, but she pushes him away. Soon after, she sees a news report that will change her life in the worst way possible.


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Comment by SirensMayFire on June 8, 2012 at 3:21am

Chapter 1: Memories

  I ran through the thick trees as I tried to escape him. I didn't know exactly where I was going, but away from him was good enough. I could hear the leaves crunch and the small twigs snap under his feet as he followed close behind me. "Alyce! I'm not gonna hurt you!" He shouted as if I might actually believe him. "Leave me alone, Alex!" I screamed as I increased my speed. Suddenly, the trees went away. I tripped over the overgrown root of the last tree and tumbled into a graveyard. My head hit the headstone and I could feel the warm blood run down my forehead. I crawled behind the headstone, hoping he wouldn't see me and would leave. He didn't. alex walked behind the headstone and slipped a small pocket knife out of his jacket. "No...Alex, please..."

"It's too late for me to forgive you, so don't even try to apologize." he growled through gritted teeth. "But Alex! I-I-I'm sorry!" i exclaimed through my tears. "For What?!"

"I don't know! Whatever I did to make you treat me like this!" i screamed up at him. He smirked at me and gave a small laugh. "It's not gonna work this time, Sweetie."  he said, putting emphasis on the last word. He kneeled on and raised the knife above his head. I cringed, waiting for the blow that would take my life. I barely opened my eyes to see if he was going to do it. i saw his arm come down with such force that-

  I jolted upright in my bed, awakened from my nightmare. I wiped the sweat from my face and flung the cover to the ground. I put my face in my hands and cried. Every night for two years I've had the same dream every night. A flashback of that night plays constantly in my head. I remember it all, no matter how much I try to forget it. Every sound, every smell, every thought that I had that night....they are all permanently etched into my brain. I lifted my head and glanced up at my alarm clock. 4:57 in the morning. 'Only one more hour,' I thought to myself. I couldn't go back to sleep or that dream would come back. I grabbed my iPhone 4s off my nightstand and texted my best friend, Jade.


It took her  about 10 minutes to reply to me.

hey...cant sleep again?

no:/ it came backk

the dream?


aw beztie its okk

what can i do 4 another hour?

idk but ik what i can do


I can go back to sleep


srry gtg really tired ttyl

-_- finee

I put my phone back on the table and let out a huge sigh. I looked around for a second and then decided to go take a shower. I gathered my clothes and a towel and went into the bathroom. i turned the hot water up really high, and when I opened the door an hour later, steam rolled out of the bathroom and covered the mirror. I got dressed and headed downstairs whhere my mom, stepdad and little brother were eating breakfast. "hey Alyce," said my 14 year old brother, Jackson. "hey, little bro," I replied softly. "Honey, are you okay?" asked Mom. I shook my head just enough to see, and she sighed. "Sweetie, it'll be-" then  she realized what she said. 'Sweetie.' "oh, I'm sorry, I-"

"It's okay, mom," i insisted, "I have to go." I got up out of my seat and rushed out the front door. As I closed the door I heard my stepdad say, "Drama queen." I rolled my eyes. I almost went back in the house, but I decided that Adam wasn't even worth my time. I got in my car and pulled out of the driveway.

~im too tired to think so ill finish this tomorrow~

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