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Eloquent Lass

Sonia Johansson. Nothing but blissful eloquence. Others would call it having a sharp tongue, but eloquence was Sonia's forte. It didn't start that way- A bastard child had no say in the house, except when to reply to questions asked. But then, how could you say anything else than what was asked if you were still living in your father's house when his wife was still there? Your step-siblings too? One could only endure the nasty comments about being a bastard child.' A bastard cannot possibly know the difference between a torn dress and proper dress for school. The bastard will finish our food. The bastard got into trouble at school, bring your father's belt.' And they did it with sadistic smiles. When Sonia turned 15, she ran away to where her mother lived, on a farm, not too far away. Those were the best years of her life, and that's where she learned everything she knows. That woman, her father's wife, sent henchmen to burn down her mother's farm just to spite them. It was that fire, that put her mother into a coma when the windmill fell on top of her. Sonia took a course in college and now owns a huge restaurant downtown, paying for her mother's medical fees. It wasn't easy, isn't easy~ Eloquence to her, is rising above the pretentious and making them swallow their words. So much for sticks and stones. 

Denial is complex. Almost indescribable, intangible, but it's pointless. `Editing.


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