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Comment by eαυ-de-coloɢɴιɴɢ ;;™ on July 26, 2012 at 6:55pm

Simple Rules And Information That Everyone Should Know Prior To Commenting...

1.) STORY BOOK COMMENTS! Longer than 4 lines starting.

2.) Drama is a requirement. Also, it doesn't request much effort considering my character is usually the one causing the problems. (teehee)

3.) This obviously takes place in the 1960s and '70s. If you haven't picked up on that yet, you probably never will and there's no point of you commenting me.

4.) Judgmental people entertain me. If you wanna get upset with my character about something go ahead. Tell him how you think it is. It makes for good story.

5.) I don't care how good or bad of a role-player you are now, these days one can't afford to be picky. BUT TRY!

6.) A month or so ago moderators got frustrated with a comment I posted. Just incase, don't accept anything where I swear accidentally (Or otherwise.). I'm terrified of being deleted. My page is so perfect now and I have so many people commenting me while this site is in such a post-apocalyptic state.

7.) I'm not the quickest at replying, especially during the week while I'm in school. I have a tendency to become distracted by tumblr, but of course, that is my inspiration, Anywho, If I don't reply within 24 hours feel free to ask if I have received the comment. If I reply with a no, it would be great if you could resend it.

8.) I know these rules are getting long but they're close to being over. This isn't really a rule so much as a warning. My characters are all based on people that have existed at one point or another, and maybe even a few still exist. I do not own the bands on my page, no matter how much I wish I did, I don't.

9.) Keep in mind that I'm a very realistic person, I have trouble straying from the story and such. Also, I have a hard time roleplaying with mythical creatures and such, though, because of this, in fact, I encourage all you creatures out there to push me to my limits. I want to be worked so I can become better and more versatile.

10.) This one is last, but by far, not the least important... NO TEXT LANGUAGE!


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