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;| Name |; Christian Daniels
;| Age |; 26 years of age
;| Sexual Orientation |; Straight
;|Relationship Status |; Taken by Grace
;| Children |; None
;| Friends/Family |; One sister.
;| Career |; Model

;| Story |;
~[ Strive and Determination was a number one for a man like Christian. He was never a hated man, he was always wanted by many, but never claimed any because no one understood his life style and his way of being. His strive for success blinded him from the reality of the cool blooded world out there, although her became a very known male model. This is were strive overwhelmed his entire life style, and made him take a break of the modeling because he needed to find himself in his own home town. The second thing would be determination, he has the determination to find the love that has never crossed paths with him, and, with grace he gets the chance to make something real, I know it doesn't explain much, but just ask he won't bite. Sincerely, Christian]~


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