The Twilight Saga

Riley Artino

Straight - Single
Packless - Werewolf Form:
((Not drawn by me))
FC: Evan Peters
Family: Viviana (Aunt)

Since he was a child, Riley was always captivated by music. He absolutely loved it, creating rhythms and beats, lyric writing and melody making were just so enjoyable for him. He dreamed that maybe one day he'd have a big break and be able to tour around the world as a well known musician. His parents had always supported and encouraged him to continue on with music, since it was one of the only things their son found so much joy in. They gave Riley his first guitar and he still cannot thank them enough for it. He plays the guitar, the piano, and also can sing, but doesn't really like to all that much even though he sounds excellent. As time progressed however, he slowly started to realize how much he really did love music and how he didn't want to be famous like his child self had always wanted. Most record labels controlled their musicians and told them what to play and what to write, not giving them any choice in say. He didn't want that to happen to his own music, especially since he had worked so hard on the pieces he had created.
Using his inheritances he got from his grandfather, as well as some money his parents allowed him to use, he started to travel the world, playing music for others as a street entertainer. His guitar is one of his favorite instruments to play, especially since it's much more portable than a piano. Although he knows it isn't much of a living to go by during the economy, he doesn't care. He wouldn't want to be doing anything else with his life.
Riley is more soft spoken than his music makes him seem to be. He tends to be more reserved and keeps towards himself. He loves to entertain the public with his music and is gutsy enough to have small talk with others if they tip him or strike up a conversation or request something. Although he is passionate about music and has dedicated himself to it, he still pays attention to the ones he loves, always calling his parents daily to check up on them as he goes all over the world. He's very analytic of the world around him and is always thinking of how he could improve and better his skills for the next time he preforms.


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