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Ryan Stanfield

Ryan Stanfield
Ryan Stanfield was born in 1869. He's the cheekiest flirt you will ever meet. He's always very friendly with women and loves to make them feel special or unique. However, he is not a player, at all. He's actually a hopeless romantic. But with his flirty habits, girls don't even bother to see that. He wants to form a band with Austin, Brett, Isaac and Justin. He was frozen in 1889 at 20 years old.
Taken by Alexis. He was at a party, trying to avoid the girls undressing him with his eyes. Luckily, Alexis was there to save him. She's unlike most girls he knows. He knew the second he saw her, she was special. And now, he won't let her out of his sight. Sorry ladies.
Kids: N/A

Albums: Torres Clan


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