Samantha Hines | nineteen ; single - not talking ; no children.
She's quite sweet and honest except that she smokes cigarettes. She had quit all other bad things in her life except that habit. She doesn't have very many friends, because of her just moving here. She lived in a small town before she got the opportunity to go to college in this city. She wants to become a sound engineer, probably work in a recording studio of some sort. She has two fathers. For her real mother passed away giving birth to her, and her father turned out to have love for another man. They got married and decided to keep her. For their love for her is just like any other two great parents. She was picked on about it, and that's why she started the bad habits. That's how she coped, but she never blamed her dads. She has a pet cat, Chowder. They live in a one bedroom apartment right under a pent house. | She loves to make new friends and enjoys her college classes.


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