The Twilight Saga

Sibella Corvinus

23 (145)
Straight – Single
Ability – Psychological (Pain inducement, psychometry, & memory manipulation
FC: Emma Roberts

Corvinus bred and born, Sibella really never had to do much for herself. She lived really like any traditional royal did, without problem or suffering. Her life was easy and very good, although because of her parents' busy lives, she's been in the care of maids and nannies. She can't complain however, everything she wants is handed to her on a silver platter and her parents practically bought her a home away from them once she was old enough to move out. Without knowing a sense of how to function alone, Sibella heavily depends on her parents and the cash they send her. The years of her being so spoiled deteriorated her own sense of independence.
However, Sibella is very keen on her own politics, especially the 'youth rebellion' many young Corvinus Nykterída are taking part in. She is enraged by this, calling them 'traitors' and disgusted that they defect over to the vermin of the resistance. She rejects and detests coven life and what it has done to their civilization, thinking it's a curse and in no ways a civilized society. More so, she loathes her fellow Corvinus Acacia, because she technically started this movement by violently breaking away from her parents. Sibella wants to do everything in her power to stop this disease from spreading any farther.
Since she is so conservative in thought, many of the elders are pushing for her to take over the Hieians once Calypso dies or retires. Sibella fits the criteria that the elders prefer for a worthy heiress; royal, charismatic, smart, and complying to their thought. The only things stopping her from taking over is her own disgust with this movement and the fact that Calypso is much too hellbent and has her mind set on Astoria taking over after her. The elders try in whatever way they can to find a loophole to get Sibella in power, for if they can collapse the most influential Nykterída coven out there, they can collapse the resistance and retake over the politics of their people.
They already know Sibella only wants to watch the resistance burn and if she does take rule, she will swiftly terminate it, not to mention revel in the domination she'll have over such a large group of vampires; and of course the one she despises most.
The rage she has over Acacia is uncontainable because of the youth revolt she started and Sibella sees it as an insult. Her arrogance blinds her and shields her away from understanding how oppressive and culturally backwards her family name really is. She associates the name with pride, wealth, and strength and the revolt the young royals present to her only show her the weakness of the family. This makes her want to purge the 'infidels' that rebel against them and restart the traditional obedience the children have to their parents.
Sibella is sadistic, overconfident, snarky, sharp tongued, and very insensitive. She really only cares about herself and will do absolutely anything to survive and stay on top; regardless on her dependence on her parents.


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