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Comment by The Volturi Family & Others on May 19, 2014 at 9:47am

At 10:40am on May 9, 2014, Infinite Love said…

Caius walked into his room and he discarded off his old clothes, grabbing clean ones and a towel. He walked into the bathroom and cleaned him self, washing away the dried blood, dirt and mud. Once he got clean, he dried him self off and got changed into the fresh and nice smelling clothes. He looked at him self in the mirror giving himself a slight nod, before he walked out into the halls, going to look for Angelica. He had missed her, he knew she had school, like any other teen would. But he still missed her. He heard crying and he followed the sound to find Angelica crying into his jacket "Angelica?" he asked softly, as he touche her shoulder softly. He hated to see her cry and be upset. It made his own heart ache.

Aro smiled softly as he held her close softly and his lips brushed against hers gently, in a gentle kiss. He 
looked at her and he was about to answer, when Angelica walked in glaring at them saying she knew. He sighed and he felt worried and he looked at Jane "I wouldn't want you to end up getting hurt." he told her and someone soon came in telling that Caius and Jenine had returned and were alright. He nodded as he sighed in relief. He was glad that they returned and it seemed like there was nothing to worry about, since they had done the task and returned even if he was worried "Looks like there's no need for you to go out now." he said and he nodded "I know, Gabe asked me not to send out him and Katherine, but I might give the others a break too. You and the others dealt with the issues, so you all reserve a break."

Marcus chuckled and he laughed softly as she appeared in front of him and he smiled at her cheekily and he kissed her back softly "I missed you too love." he said as he gently placed her onto his lap as he held her close to him. He was glad to have her back in his arms and he breathed in his scent softly and he looked at her and he smiled softly chuckling and he kissed her back softly as he held her to him. "You're always been soft and tender my love, I am the only one that noticed." he chuckled and he smiled softly. He laughed softly "Mhh that sounds fun." he said and he smiled softly as he stood up with her softly and he entwined their fingers softly.

Comment by The Volturi Family & Others on May 19, 2014 at 9:46am

At 10:27am on May 9, 2014, Infinite Love said…

Jennifer smiled softly at his whisper "Mhh, you're spot on." she giggled and she smiled softly. She giggled softly as he twirled her into his lap and she softly sat on his lap pressing her lips to his gently kissing him back softly and she smiled against his lips softly "I missed you too, my handsome man." she said and she smiled at him warmly. She looked at him as he spoke "It's okay...I am not mad, we all have our duties among personal aspects whilst living there." she said and she looked at him "I am sure, they don't fail." she reassured him as she smiled softly. "Katherine, kept me busy for a while, so it seemed to help a bit, but didn't stop me from missing you." she looked at him and she smiled softly " sweet." she said as she took the box softly and she flipped it open to see a necklace and she smiled softly "It's beautiful."

Katherine smiled softly and the weeding designer took her size for the wedding dress and talked about different kinds of fabrics and styles trying to decide on which one Katherine would like for her weeding dress. She had sketched out a few plans that would suit Katherine and it took her a while to pick out the one she liked, with the kind of style that would suit her. The designer also provided weeding shoes that were perfect for Katherine and would perfectly suit the dress she had picked out. Katherine couldn't hide her surprise and happiness as she smiled softly. She was glad she and Gabe got a little break from duties for the Volturi. Even though things were bit hectic for a while, it was nice to have a little more freedom.

Jenine was in the bathroom and she cleaned her self up and washed her hair. Once she dried her self off, she got dressed in fresh clothes. She walked over to her desk to see she had a message and she smiled softly. She texted him back softly letting him know she was back and in her room and apologized for not getting in touch sooner. She fixed her hair before she walked out of her room to go and look for him. She wondered where he was, so she tried out every of their special places as to where he could be. She knew, she would have luck with at least one of them for sure.

Comment by The Volturi Family & Others on May 19, 2014 at 9:45am

At 4:20pm on May 8, 2014, Infinite Love said…

Jenine had been on a task with Caius that Aro had sent them out separately after some people left to take care of something. She sighed, some people had been after them for a while now and it was getting on her nerves. She wanted her coven/family to be safe. Her mind was on Santiago, she knew he'd be worried and wondering where she was. She and Caius returned a few hours later in the evening and she walked to her room to clean her self up, since she was covered in dirt and mud. She had some scratches on her arms and the side of her neck. But it didn't bother her, since she had worse injuries before than this. She went to her room and grabbed some fresh clothes and went to take a shower, getting rid of the old clothes she had on.

Katherine was in her room reading over wedding magazines trying to decided on her weeding shoes and dress.She had no idea, Gabe was planning a surprise for her. She thought about him and she smiled to her self, she missed him and she wondered what he was up. She knew Tori suggested he'd have a hair cut, but she loved his hairstyle no matter what. She heard a knock on her door so she went to open it to, see a lady standing there with her favorite flowers and someone else asking if she was Katherine, since she was sent to help her pick out what she wanted for the weeding. She let them in and she smiled as she breathed in the scent of the flowers, placing them on her desk.

Jennifer was in town when she got the text. She smiled softly as she made her way over where he was. She got to the beach restaurant in a short while and she walked inside and she saw him sitting down and she went up behind him and she covered his eyes and she whispered in his ear smiling softly "Guess who?" she had missed him when they were apart and she was glad to be around him again.

Comment by The Volturi Family & Others on May 19, 2014 at 9:44am

At 4:39pm on May 8, 2014, Infinite Love said…

Marcus had been wondering around the gardens that day as he needed some fresh air and to clear his mind. He sat down on one of the benches after a while and he looked at the sky and took in the peace and the nature around him. He soon felt hands covering his eyes and he smiled softly as he heard her voice, but he decided to tease her a little bit "Umm Santa?" he asked chuckling his raspy chuckle as he bit his lip slightly waiting for her response.He had missed Didyme when she was out on a task with a few of the others. He worried, but she knew he was gifted and smart so she would be okay.

Aro was standing in the throne room looking out of the window and he took a few steps down when he shifted his stance as he sighed. He was pacing up and down the hallway but stopped in his tracks hearing Jane. He smiled softly "I missed you too." he breathed out softly looking at her and he nodded "Thank you..I knew I could trust you to deal with the issue." he said and looked at her "I am afraid, there has been more trouble while you and the others have been away. I've sent Caius and Jenine to deal with it...but haven't heard from them in a while, so I am starting to worry." he told her.

Caius had been on a task with Jenine and he forgot his favorite Jacket in the hustle of things. He and Jenine got back in the evening and he shook out the leaves and dirt from his hair.He was bit dirty and covered in dried blood and mud and what not.But he and Jenine had dealt with the issue that Aro had sent them to deal with, so he was glad they had one less issue to deal with around the Volturi and Italy. At least, there would be some peace and quite for a while now. He hoped.

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