a sigh escaped her warm red lips as she looked around the large field she was standing in the middle of, as she took small breaths she watched them faded into the air. she looked down at the ground, snow covering everything that was once there, she moved her hair out of her face as she looked up, spinning around slowly, taking in it all. as she did flashbacks played through her mind, so many flashbacks. that was the only reason she came back to this place, so she could feel the pain of him being gone.. it was better than not feeling anything at all, wasn't it? to her it was. she knew he wasn't coming back.. but then again in the back of her mind she knew there was a small chance he could, but they would have to start all over. when she heard a few sticks and leaves crunch as if they had been stepped on she came back to reality, turning around in the direction it had came from.. when she did.. she was shocked at who she saw.

maybe saying goodbye wasn't the best idea in the world, at the time it wasn't either.. he just needed time to himself and to be alone, but during that time she had forgotten about him, such a shame. he knew it was something he'd never get to re live, no matter how much he wanted to.. he also knew there was a 1% chance she would ever come back so they could talk things out. maybe he was crazy, but that was okay, crazy was better than sane. as he walked down the street to the park he pushed his hands in the pockets of his jackets and walked to sit by the frozen river, brushing some snow off the bench and sitting down. he sat there for a while, thinking of how it all went wrong, what he could've done to make it better. when someone sat down next to him he looked down, his blurry reflection showing in the ice, when he saw the persons next to him he turned his head slowly, looking at her.


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