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Dominique "Nikki" Nyx : Evanglina's lost twin sister : 18 : Single : Vocals : Vampire

Dominique grew up in a middle class family but they grew more wealthy by the second. She had many friends and a healthy social life. On her eighteenth birthday she was meant to have a very big party but her father came home with horrible news. His investments were a fraud and he had lost every penny. So heated Dominique ran outside to let out some rage but was met by a very beautiful man. He spoke with her explaining what her father had failed to meantion inside, that he was gambling with the money and he had lost every penny, she was the last thing he had gambled on. Now the man was here to claim his last prize. Anger and rage grew so fast in her that she willingly gave herself over to him. She didn't even look back at the house or the huge party that was inside waiting for her return.
Months after living with him. He finally told her that he was falling in love with her and he wanted her to join him in his world. Confused she asked what he meant by that, he replied with a simple do you trust me. She nodded and he began to kiss her from her lips to the nape of her neck. What happened next she couldn't remember.
Three days later Dominique awoken with a startle feeling stronger, sharper, quicker and most of all indestructible. With all the thoughts and feelings running throughout her body one thing hadn't left her mind. Him who changed her into what she is. Dominique's first breath was his name "Rayne." Shortly after her transformation he opened up everything there was for her to know.
200 years later, they ran into the Volturi and they were not happy. Rayne was taken and killed right in front of her eyes.

Now she's hoping to find his reincarnation so they can live forever together.


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