"Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened, we're red."

†Violet A. Baudelaire†
Twisted Has Have One Hell Of A Roommate: In a world of love, peace, and joyous individuals, the rest of the world gushes blood as if they are supposed to. As if there is something to be left desired. Not everyone has these qualities, but one does. Young miss Violet. Growing up in a large mansion, where not all rooms were explored this young girl didn't realize how mentally unstable her father really was. As her mother tried to shield her from his doings, it wasn't until her mother was murdered that the subconscious mirror started to crack. Violet not only knew exactly how her mother was killed, but she could say with what, in what room, and how violently. Of course this came with a price. Her father, murdered her mother for finding out his doings in the basement of the house. The same day Violet took the fatal step in which cost her everything. She wasn't the most coordinated of females and she had fallen on a sharp tool her father used, cutting open her stomach and leaving a large wound. Her father was hysterically mad, in both ways. If anything this was the day her father had snapped as far as the mind could hold its limits. Out of anger, and her own screams being muted by the gurgles of blood that seemed to be pouring out he vigorously worked. Aggressively stitching his own daughters stomach together. He went on to explain his work while steaming mad. Murder? Wasn't even close. He took in the most beautiful looking people, closer to perfection, but from time to time the occasional adult out of bloodlust to complete the collection. Skinning and sewing together skin. He stuffed them like a taxidermist would. Dolls he put them. They were the most beautiful dolls he would always say, and Violet was going to be his very one prize to complete his collection, which he held upstairs in the room. Of course no death came to violet, just years of neglect and above other things exposure to murder. That one scar made her nothing. She became very numb to this as she started to see the mentally unstable good in it. Learning everything her father did, even helping him, she was becoming him. Later, he had died from natural causes, and the police came to a house that was set ablaze for them to never discover what happened in that house. Sick, and Mentally unstable Violet became what no one ever wanted her to become. Buying out an old apartment complex, she completely redesigned it to become a prison, a "workshop" and the top floor the showing room. Of course one room did stay clean, and looking not like any of the others. Her room. If one were to wake up in it, they would never expect anything wrong. Of course what she does to her victims are quite gruesome and they wouldn't ever see that room. She's someone you don't want to cross...and if you make up for what she accounts for...blood will run.


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