The Twilight Saga

God or Devil, Heaven or Hell

Early Life                                                                                                                                                                                                  Take the pros of Athena and the pros of Hades. The beauty of Aphrodite, the grace of Apollo, the foresight of Janus,the strength of Ares, the cunning of Hermes, and the leadership of Zeus and Hera. Now mix it all together and who you end up with is Z. The daughter of Athena and Hades, born out of deception and blessed by the gods out of pity. She was raised like all the others, raised by the servant to the gods Damien. She was always getting into trouble even when it wasn't her fault always being blamed. The gods always told her she needed to worker harder then everyone to be good because she was evil, but its hard to become something when everyone is telling you you're something else. So she gave into the darkness within herself, if evil is what she was then why should she fight it? 

Modern day                                                                                                                                                                                          

"Let's make a deal"  four simply words you never want to hear from her. She'll deceive you and steal your soul. She's always playing mind games with people. Whether with shadow hunters who fail to realize they can not kill a goddess. Or humans you have tried to guess her name, a game of Rumpelstiltskin if you will.Yes there is a tiny bit of light still living in her, a part of her that just wont die. It conflicts her and kills her, it causes a war within herself that makes her violent all the time.Yet she still secretly helps her old teacher Damien protect her niece, her brother's (on her father's side) daughter maybe its because she gets to be violent. Tread lightly, choose your words carefully.


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Comment by Innocence and Instinct 23 hours ago


Athena the goddess of wisdom and military victory


Hades the god of the underworld

Comment by Innocence and Instinct 23 hours ago

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