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On a different site now ..Links below

protecter......loving.......handsome -winks- ........your neighborhood WEREWOLF....

Name: Jacob William Black
Nicknames: Baby, Jakey and Ninja ( only Nessie can call me these ) Cupcake ( only nikki ) Smoothie Stealer ( only ★яεиεşмεε ¢αяℓιε ¢υℓℓεи★! ) Jakeronni ( only Kim , Heather , Isabella ) Booger ( Only Officail Renessme Carlie Cullen) NERD! ( only Nessie ) -laughts-
Age: 18
Status: Single i think for now untill i have my head straight -sighs- no girl should put up with a confused werewolf -sighs-
Virgin: YES MAM!!! -chuckles-
Imprint: cant think of her anymore-sighs-
i work at the LOVE ORPHANAGE with my bestie Nessie -winks and smiles-
Likes: Video games. being a wolf . GIRLS -grins- just ask me and of course hanging with me nessie
Dislikes: Stuckups . stalkers . not being with my BESTIE NESSIE N BELLS N LEELEE
Sports: Football . Handball . Soccer . Baseball
Family: 3 Sisters -grins- Kim , Heather , Isabella and a Kinda Daughter named Lilly and Brookelle Grace -smiles proudly-
Best friends and My Girls: Nessie , Bells , Ann , Renessme , Officail Renessme Carlie Cullen , Littile nessie , Lilly , §åmï åñÐ L¥ñЧï Gðñzålêz™ , LeeLee , ★яεиεşмεε ¢αяℓιε ¢υℓℓεи★! , My Bridget Black , My Sam , My SnowWhite
Hey this is the Jaksters single and please im so messed up in the head no girl should deal with it ..Im pretty much a layedback kinda a werewolf and i kinda have a pack -laughs- -smiles- i do have a littile fam going on here -laughs-..feel free to adopted me besties are mostly girls but i dont mind..i think its funny how they run to me about things..i kinda feel like a big brother -smiles- I'll protect anyone i love and if anyone was to hurt my girls i would kill them -evil grins- i have a bestie that is willing to kill a girl if she hurts me so if your just up to no good NESSIE will come after you -smiles- and thats the story of JACOB BLACK

My Job______ the love orphanage ----->
My Lilly -smiles warm-
This is my Littile Lilly [aka] buttercup...i love you as if you we're my daughter..dont worry your safe here Lil..-smiles- you have a family now
My Brookelle Grace -smiles warmly-
This is my Brookelle Grace [aka] gummyshoes...i love you as if you were mine as well honey ..-smiles- your safe and you to have a family now -grins- love you my starlittile

My Sisters ... Heather , Kim , Isabella -chuckles- Love my Sisters
Our Puppy Lilly the second -smiles-

Whos Scared of the BIG BAD WOLF

My Bestie Nessie..
This is my Bestie NESSIE [aka] HoneyBunny -grins- She's my right hand in everything. She doesnt have to do much to make me laugh or smiles -smiles-..She always makes me laugh with everything she does..i love her to death shes my babes -winks-..i dont no when it happend but it did and im happy your my girl -smiles-..She is the sweetest girl you'll meet but she will kick your ass -chuckles-..well only if you hurt my emotions or break my heart..LOVE YOU NESSIE -grins-
My Bestie Bells..
This is my BESTIE BELLA [aka] Bells -smirks- She's my other bestfriend -smiles- i'v none her since we made mud puddles when we we're small -chuckles- she's more like family to me..even though i still -sighs- well she's my Number One BELLS -smiles-..and noone can change that cause shes the best and i love her for that Love her alot
My Bestie Ann..
This is my BESTIE ANN [aka] Girly -grins- ..this lady write makes me laugh so hard i cant even talk about it -laughs- she makes me feel like a losersorise like her -laughs hard- she's just the coolest -smiles- Love ya ANN
My Renessme -smiles-
This is my Renessme -sighs- she's just something else..cant really explain how i feel for her but she's growing on me -smiles-..
My Homie for Lifey Offical Renessme Carlie Cullen -grins-
This is my BESTIE/HOMIE for life Officail Renessme Carlie Cullen [aka] Essie -chuckles- i love this girl alot like she's my buddy i think i would beat a guy up for -smiles- she works in the LOVE ORPHANAGE and is single -winks- shes just awesome.i can go to her for alot of things..and she's fun to be with LOVE YOU KNUCKLE HEAD -smiles-
My Littile Nessie
This is my NUMBER ONE GIRL -smiles widely- ..i love my littile sunshine..she means alot to me..i love to be there just to be there..shes young yet so fun to hangout with..she does bully me -grins- but i dont mind it..and if anyone was to hurt her i would KILL THEM ..LOVE YOU MY SWEETHEART
My CheerLeaders -laughs hard- §åmï åñÐ L¥ñЧï Gðñzålêz
My cheer girls §åmï åñÐ L¥ñЧï Gðñzålêz -grins- Ooooh gosh what to say about my to FUNNY LADYS..these girls crack me up so much i always have watery eyes -smiles-
My Bestie LEAH CLEARWATER -winks-
This is my BESTIE LEAH CLEARWATER [aka] leelee -smiles- this is my other right hand girl..i love her so much shes always there for my and can cheer my up with anything..-laughs- she's my "leader" since im the only male ONCE AGAIN in a pack -laughs hard- it never fails that im always the bodygaurd..-smiles- she kick ass and o so hawt -winks- mess with her ..I KILL YOU -smiles- LOVE YA LEELEE
My ★яεиεşмεε ¢αяℓιε ¢υℓℓεи★! -winks-
My other favorite knucklehead Renessme Carlie Cullen [aka] snookie -winks- .this is my littile sweety pie and if anyone was to hurt her once again i will have to kill someone -grins- Love you Hun
My Bridget Black -smiles-
My newest girl Bridget Black [aka] skittles -winks- ...shes funny as hell and always makes me smiles..Love ya Bridget -winks-
My Sammy -winks-
This is my Sam -smiles- shes been through alot so if you mess with her ima have to kill you -smiles- Love you sam
My Bestie/Bodygaurd My Snowhite -laughs-
This is my Bestie/Bodyguard .. -grins- point blank she will kick your ass -winks-

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At 3:09pm on March 4, 2010, σffιcιαℓ Jacob William Black said…
At 6:17am on March 2, 2010, Bella and Nessie said…
Ladies beware....Hurt my Jakie and my lil friend will come after you...*smiles* graphic comments-Funny Gllitters Funny Animations Glitter Comments & Graphics
At 2:41pm on March 1, 2010, ♯rewιnd ιт [group] said…
Nessie: *mummbles* yeah im running *laught hard* *follow you*
Phoebe: *giggles* we here *go and take horse * Sky today is mine *look at Nessie and grins*

Nessie: okey if you want im taking Thunder and you Jake Moon
*walk and take Moon* *walk and give Moon Jake*

*go back and run past you * chatch me babys *giggles and hit lightly hourse so he start runing faster*

Phoebe: oh i will see how Thunder will kick you out from back *laught and get on horse*
At 2:00am on February 27, 2010, Jacob Williaм&Eмily Rosε said…
[laughs] lets do something to cheer you up, come on [smiles]
At 1:15am on February 27, 2010, Jacob Williaм&Eмily Rosε said…
my point is that that bestie friend renesmee she is like going out with 2 other guys! [smirks and shakes head] i think you were with her like yesturday or the day before that....
At 5:45am on February 26, 2010, Bella and Nessie said…
Bella- *starts to cry* Jacob I'm soooooooo sory for what I did to you..... *crys even harder* I never ment to hurt you, you are my best friend in the world and I never want to loos you.... Please forgive me and say that we can be friends again........ You are not a monster, you are the most wonderful person I have ever met...... I love you with all my eart and I always will..... I hope you can forgive me......I miss you......My heart is broken and it wont healwithout you........I love you Jacob.......*Falls to my knees and crys even harder*
At 10:00pm on February 25, 2010, Bridget Black said…
Comment stalker's listen up!!!
stop stalking ma boy's comments
if you do you are gonna deal with me!!!
so beware!!!
At 3:13pm on February 24, 2010, §åmï åñÐ L¥ñЧï Gðñzålêz-ǵllêñ™ said…
Sam~Hi ya Jakey!*smiles*
At 2:11pm on February 24, 2010, Isabella,Kimberly,Heather Black said…
All-this is THE CRAZY LIl Sisters-*grins wide* we love our bro to death....dont u dare mess with him, eva...if u hurt him or break his heart, u better have wished u havent done so..cause you will have to deal with us!! get that? and we have COMMENT STALKERS, so back off!!Love u Bro*winks back*
At 2:09pm on February 22, 2010, σffιcιαℓ Jacob William Black said…
i Delete
Sorry comment stalkers

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