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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
My name's Nicole in case you wanted to know haha~
I like bands. Like no joke. I really like bands (If you could tell by my FCs)
I'm really really nice so don't fear talking to me c:
I loooove to roleplay as well

Side account:
Favorite Books
Vampire Chronicles, Maximum Ride series, Vampire Academy series, Bloodlines series, A Clockwork Orange, Divergent series, Hemlock Grove, Shiver, Blood and Chocolate, & The Outsiders
What is Your Favorite Music
Human(s) Being by The Color Morale on Grooveshark
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Movies: Underworld series (seriously don't even play), Inception, Interview with the Vampire, Ultraviolet, Van Helsing, The Lost Boys, A Clockwork Orange, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Mindscape, Girl Interrupted, The Breakfast Club (and anything made by John Hughes for that matter), Mean Girls, Nightmare Before Christmas & Hellboy (first and second)

TV Shows: American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Awkward., Criminal Minds, The Office, Bob's Burgers, NY Ink, Hemlock Grove, Childrens Hospital, The Nanny, Ink Master, & Tattoo Nightmares

Games: Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, & Resident Evil

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"A nation of wolves, ruled by sheep!"


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It's been 35 years since the Great Purges of their species' commenced. The human race has found out about their kind, eradicating them from the Earth. The coexistence of werewolf and vampire creatures alike  plunged fear into their mortal hearts. The fear made the humans ally to each other, given a new enemy; them. Human people whom used to be foes now stand to together to defeat the non human creatures in order to protect their own interests.

Testing labs have been set up all around the globe with  one mission; turn the foreign power in their favor. For years now, these research facilities and labs have been built solely to better understand these creatures and ultimately, drain their powers for their own use in more destruction in the world.

Although most scientists did not have much luck in their testings, some have. Few family lines of vampire and werewolf species have shown to have genes that; when tweaked and injected into human test subjects, are able to make them much more powerful and sustain much longer lives; some becoming immortal. Before testing on humans, they tested these on these said vampires and werewolves, finding out it altered them, making them much larger and stronger than they once were. These subjects were then used as soldiers for the humans, assisting them and doing their bidding. Once figuring out which family lines have what gene, they are endlessly hunted down until every last descendant of that name is captured. The rest of the "non important" creatures of the species are forced into a lifetime of serving the enemy.

Because of this, the non human species fought back. Tradition werewolf packs and vampire covens became resistance groups, growing larger in numbers each day. Their objective is simple; reclaiming the world that once was theirs by means of whatever is necessary. Not all non human creatures joined though, some believing this would blow over simply didn't join the movement and carried on with their lives as their people suffered.

The most well known resistance groups is in fact the Hiei Coven, with The Liberator, herself, Calypso Miron, once she became aware of this. After her formation coven, other preexisting covens and packs joined her, seven more in total. The leaders of each of these groups, referred to as The Great Eight devote their time and energy in helping their people and have led large raids and invasions on the humans, showing that they will never stop fighting for survival.

The Nykterída (Vampires) and Lykánthro̱pos (Werewolves) have history together, although how they both work hard together to eradicate the human altered creature threat, these Greek originated species were not always so kind to one another. Long, long ago, the Nykterída were a dying species. They were being killed off by other vampires as well as other werewolves; and other species of the supernatural poked their fun at them too. Their race was on the road of extinction. They used to be weak and feeble, unable to protect themselves and unable to fight back to their oppressors. The Lykánthro̱pos werewolves saw this and decided to help the species and protect them. Many volunteered to teach them how to fight and protect themselves, as well as relocate them to places with large human populations to reproduce. Some even allowed themselves to become protectors to them and making sure that the vampires would never have to worry for their lives. And the plan worked, soon the Nykterída thrived, growing larger and stronger in numbers. This new found strength made the humans they turned stronger, much stronger than any Nykterída they had seen.

The Lykánthro̱pos were proud of what they had accomplished and most Nykterída were thankful for their help. As the species of vampires progressed, royalty was finally able to emerge. Few family names became more important than others due to the role they played in re-population and protecting their people. After they were developed, a larger council was assembled and they would vote on who would lead their kind. Viktor Corvinus was the head of this council for centuries but alas, was only a figurehead. His family, brothers and sisters used him as a puppet in order to get their way. The corruption spread like a virus and other families tried to get their way through the representatives they chose to speak for them at council meetings. Some of these families did not bother to continue on in their past glories and instead took advantage of the Lykánthro̱pos that had trained and protected them for so long. They hired these werewolves to protect them, as well as any offspring the newborn Nykterída were able to create. This then became a trend and easy way out for protection, hiring these kind werewolves to stay by their sides for their lifetimes and serve them until death. And since the royalty started it, the commoners followed the trend.
This got so extreme to the point in which the Nykterída, royal or not would press false charges on their Lykánthro̱pos, such as accusing them of stealing family heirlooms or conceiving hybrid “mutant freak” children with their kin as they did their jobs. All charges were found to be true and these innocent creatures were forced into slavery for these Nykterída families as punishment for their crimes. Lykánthro̱pos became a minority group to the newly powerful vampire species and many of them fell into slavery and servitude. Few royal Lykánthro̱pos families did not however. Families such as the Mavros, Artino, Rokos, & Kellis saw what was happening to their people and vividly acted against it. Sir Alexander Mavros was a major figure in helping his people free from the selfish vampires that they desperately tried to save not too long ago. He also gained the support of few caring and appreciative Nykterída families those Lykánthro̱pos helped and protected, such as the Miron, Rella, Pavlis, & Nasso, respectively. Sir Mavros led a war against the abusive Nykterída in order to free his people which lasted several bloody decades until he finally won freedom for his fellow Lykánthro̱pos.
Today, both species generally view each other as equals, although some Nykterída royals believe that they still own the Lykánthro̱pos and should not have had to give them their freedom. After the Great Purges, both species had tried to settle their differences to focus on the new threat the humans have created to exterminate them both but their past leaves them both equally tense in doing so.


Along with the human attacks on these non human species, crisis is slowly starting to unwind. The Corvinus', the most influential Nykterída royal family, is plotting a coup d'état against the current rule of their people. After the Purges, there was no way for the vampires to continue their government of the Entolí after the humans had slaughtered the representatives and burned the institution down, destroying all Corvinus influence in politics. This thus started the rise of an almost totalitarian, coven society. This method of government proved effective, loyalty to coven life was established and the units dedicated themselves to their new form of government. Harboring socialism elements, the members of the government  treated their people as egalitarian as possible. There was no such thing as racism, sexism, homophobia, or hatred among the governmental officials and everyone was viewed upon as equals; no one was better than the other. This makes the Corvinus' want their power back and to get rid of such an abominable form of rule. 

Of course, this has its faults. The coven leaders are revered and held high up with dignity. However, after the rule of Issac Miron and his diabolical scheme of slaughtering millions of others who didn't share his beliefs, the leaders were checked and balanced by councils. They didn't have the final say in decisions but they were used to influence a leader's thought. A movement is undergoing to separate the council and leadership so that they are independent of one another and each has power in the coven government. If you are a royal at this time, you still have more privilege. You are usually accepted into the safe haven of a coven, regardless of weakness or ability. However, some coven leaders step over this rule and it doesn't apply in their initiations.

To the Corvinus' the coup d'état is simple; let the humans slaughter their foes and make them restore their royal power. Once the other royal families, the coven leaders, and their heirs are gone, no one would be able to assume the position of ruler and it will go back to this age old royal family, no questions asked. The only thing that stands in their way is the youth revolt that had started to spread through this family. After the brutal breakaway of Acacia Corvinus, many younger Corvinus' are following her lead. Most elders of this family are vicious, conservative, and seem not to care about their children. They aim for power and use their children like tools to achieve this. The younger crowd is outraged, disgusted with the cruel treatment and defect to coven life in vast numbers. The loss of the support of their own newest generation discredits them and makes them look like vile scum. Once they have the chance, the Corvinus; are sure to take it and end this power struggle once and for all.

*****(NL) = Not looking for a relationship


Kvelden Coven: 

Michael Orlando|Vampire (Leader)|Taken by Jordan
DJ Blackard|Vampire|Taken by Chloe
Aaron Graves|Vampire|Single
Adam Vex|Vampire|Single (NL)
JJ Ingram|Vampire|Single

Hiei Coven:

Calypso Miron|Vampire (Leader)|Single (NL)
Fallon Petro|Vampire|Single
Astoria Mihal|Vampire (Heiress)|Taken by Kollin
Everett Delis|Vampire|Taken by Krissi
Julian Delis|Vampire (Heir to the Abraxas)|Single (NL)

Abraxas Coven:

Donovan Pavlis|Vampire (Leader)|Single
Peyton Antoni|Vampire|Single
Gwyneth Sava|Vampire|Single
Kylie Rella|Vampire (Council Heiress)|Single

Kumori Pack:

Abigail Mavros|Werewolf (Alpha)|Taken by Michael
Felicia Agnes|Werewolf|Single
Rowan Agnes|Werewolf|Single|Talking
Alec Tocci|Werewolf|Single
Logan Tocci|Werewolf|Single

Corvinus Family:

Eve Corvin|Hybrid (Tri-Hybrid)|Single
Gavin Sisko|Hybrid (Vampire-Lycan)|Single
Acacia Corvinus|Vampire (Council Heiress)|Taken by Tate
Sibella Corvinus|Vampire|Single

Empusa Coven:

Harper Rella|Vampire (Leader)|Single
Brienne Rines|Vampire (Heiress)|Single
Marcus Rines|Vampire|Single

Abenaki Pack:

Althea Rokos|Werewolf (Alpha)|Single
Charlotte Spiros|Werewolf|Single
Penelope Kollias|Werewolf|Taken by David

Belial Coven:

Jonathan Nasso|Vampire (Leader)|Single
Marilyn Harris|Vampire|Single
Evelyn Andris|Vampire (Heiress)|Single

Chahta Pack:

Brayden Kellis|Werewolf (Alpha)|Single
Constance Baris|Werewolf|Single
Tobias Menas|Werewolf|Single
Azalea Menas|Werewolf|Single

Ookawa Pack:

Viviana Artino|Werewolf (Alpha)|Single
Trevor Contos|Altered Werewolf|Single

Mohingan Pack:

Elijah Kellis|Werewolf (Alpha)|Single


Astrid Petro|Werewolf|Single|Talking
Christian Lazos|Vampire|Single
Olivia Cosse|Vampire|Single (NL)
Riley Artino|Werewolf|Single


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Kylie Rella: The Artist

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 8:17pm 0 Comments

A single drop of blood hits her pale hand as it moved. She was painting, like she always was. That's all she did, and if she wasn't doing that she was drawing in her sketchbook, or creating another masterpiece with her clay. But this was different today. Kylie wiped the blood tear off, although the red stained her hand once it was rubbed off. She shook her head, her hand trembled on her canvas before it was steadied again.

Kylie had to regain herself already, painting was something…


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At 5:02pm on February 8, 2014, ѕυяνιναℓ σf тнє ωσяѕт✝ said…


(Top rule is to have fun of course)

  1. Please have lengthy responses! If they aren't ideally long enough for me, I will stop replying. If your starters are only 1-2 lines, I will not waste my time with them. Responses should be 5+ sentences.
  2. I prefer male/female comments and will use those if I send starters. I'd much rather you do the same. I will not allow or use two females when I role play or two males, I like the balance of each gender and that just throws me off.
  3. Make our role plays interesting! If I don't like what's going on in a role play, I will delete your comment(s) and stop role playing with you. I won't continue something that doesn't hold my interest. 
  4. DO NOT hit on characters that are in relationships. In real life, would you do that? No, of course not, so don't do it in a role play either! Their relationship statuses should be up to date on my profile.
  5. DO NOT make your characters fall in love within the first few comments. Don't do it, don't even test me. If you do I'm dropping the role play faster than you can blink. I cannot stand role plays that are about two characters and how much they 'love' each other, in my opinion, it's a weak plot. Give me some other than a relationship please. Of course, I'm good with them but don't focus primarily on that.
  6. I get a lot of comments daily, no joke. So please be patient with me. Don't ask me every five minutes if I got your comment. Nine times out of ten, I have and I'm working on comments I got before yours. I hate to be rude but, you aren't the center of the world. I have other things I need to tend to first.
  7. If you want to role play with me, let me know. Just make sure I am able to comment on your profile before you do. If you want to send me a starter, do it. If your starter contains you using only one character (especially female) and magically bumping into one of my characters while you look so fabulous and pretty (with an exaggerated description), don't be offended if I don't reply back. I don't do those role plays
  8. Speaking of which, don't ignore the girls. I get it, a lot of people here probably don't like having to role play as guys or find it repetitive or boring but I want both genders to receive love from the community.
  9. Please be courteous towards me and the preset theme I have going on. I really enjoy the setting and background I've created for these characters and I would like to apply them in role plays. Don't steamroll over what I already have planned out and make something completely new. Also, don't think you have to conform to the setting I have on going now and try to assimilate into it. You can do whatever you want with your own characters, I just expect you to respect what I do and then I'll do the same.
  10. No God Moding. It's a huge turn off for me in role plays and probably for almost any role player in general. My characters are mine, not yours. Please do not make them do or say anything I didn't make them do or say.

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