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The Cute Pack's Friends

  • тнɛ cℓαяɛғɛℓт ƨιƨтɛяƨ αи∂ ƨιит™
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Lucas: Oh. My. God. Make Allie and Justin STOP FIGHTING!

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At 4:34pm on March 26, 2010, тнɛ cℓαяɛғɛℓт ƨιƨтɛяƨ αи∂ ƨιит™ said…
Paige: Just all of you shut up! I'm sick of all this crap my sister has been giving me, and you guys aren't making it better!

This is Us, and It always will be.

Dylan "The Musician" (Justin's Twin) This picture is what he does when he's nervous

Dustin--"The Shy One"

Rex--"The Player"


Anna and Alex

Macy and Brianna


John-- Lucas's Twin or "The Cowboy"




Caleb and Melanie-


Stefan and Damon




Amanda--The Hyper One-


Mike--The Scholar--

Justin--The Jokester--

Lucas--The Sweet One

Chase--The Athletic One

Cameron--The Cool One

Josh--The Strong One--

Zac--The Alpha

Girls: When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold.
Guys: Automatically move closer to her.(If you're stupid, then you'll either say 'Me too.' or you'll give her your jacket....don't)

Girls: During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder
Guys: Lift her chin up and kiss her.

Guys: When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too....and MEAN IT!!

Girls: When you're both laying under the stars, put your head on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat.
Guys: Whisper in her ear; 'The stars are beautiful.....and so are you. Then link your hands with hers.

The greatest boyfriend would be in a way like this;;

When she walks away from you mad=[Follow her]

When she stares at your lips=[Kiss her ]

When she pushes you or hit's you=[Grab her and don't let go]

When she starts cursing at you=[Kiss her and tell her you love her ]

When she's quiet=[Ask her what's wrong]

When she ignores you=[Give her your attention ]

When she pulls away=[Pull her back ]

When you see her at her worst=[Tell her she's beautiful]

When you see her start crying=[Just hold her and don't say a word ]

When you see her walking=[Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]

When she's scared=​.​.​​​​​​​[​.​.​​​​​Protect her ]

When she lay's her head on your shoulder=[Tilt her head up and kiss her ]

When she steals your favorite hoodie=[Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]

When she teases you=[Tease her back and make her laugh]

When she doesn't answer for a long time=[reassure her that everything is okay ]

When she looks at you with doubt=[Back yourself up with the TRUTH]

When she say's that she loves you=[she really does more than you could understand]

When she grab's at your hands=[Hold her's and play with her fingers ]

When she bump's into you [bump into her back and make her laugh]

When she tells you a secret=[keep it safe and untold ]

When she looks at you in your eyes=[don't look away until she does ]


When you break her heart=[the pain NEVER really goes away ]

When she says its over=[she STILL wants you to be hers ]

When she repost this bulletin=[she wants you to read it ]

- Stay on the phone with her even if she's not saying anything

-When you tell her you love her, never give her a reason it's not true

-DON'T let her have the last word.

-When she goes away call her everyday

-Dont say you love her more than she could ever love you

- Argue that she is the best girl ever

- When she's mad, hug her tight and don't let go

- When she says she's ok don't believe it, talk with her

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