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  • Buried in the snow, sleeping peacefully.
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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

1. We love to wear Abercrombie

2. We're all fashionable! Very fashionable!

3. We all love to hang out at the beach.

4. We're all wolves. *howls*

5. Needless to explain more? We just told you 4 things about us!
What is Your Favorite Music

Favorite Quotes:
This isn't really a quote, but it's a really nice poem.
While falling into the arms of the sky
You can hear the rivers at sundown
running free and long
you can hear wolves whispering at dawn
calling to the spirits of the moon

Songs of the wolves beckoning the midnight sun
gathering like a maze of shadows
strange as it seems, they seize the night
with howls that echo unknown mysteries

Driven by lost trails after dark
in an artificial reality
they are spirit hunters, keepers of memories
driven by the depths of darkness
they are no stranger to the woods

Their eyes peer at the falling red stars
they begin to drink from the black waters
the willows dance from the mist falling
A spell of mental images of warriors in waiting

On the edge forever; following the depths of their beliefs
just time travelers with a free spirit
living in the night dreamers realm
Favorite Activities

Alec's Favorite Activities: Surfing, snowboarding, skiing, listening to music, skateboarding, hanging out at the beach, and listening to music.

Anna's Favorite Activities: Texting, shopping, swimming, hanging out with her boyfriend, and listening to music.

Jason's Favorite Activities: Mainly just listening to music, nothing else, really.

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<--[Alec, Anna, and Jason] | [Online!]

Hey there! It's us below!

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Our Story
Alec, Anna, and Jason were born as wolf pups and throughout their wolf pup life, the three of them went everywhere together. When they became mature, strong, and old enough, Luna the Spirit Wolf of the Northern Lights gave them the ability to transform into humans. So now, the three of them remain a pack. They've also grown to like Abercrombie as well to fit in with others. And by observing how other people around them act, Alec, Anna, and Jason act like normal teenagers.
I'm Alec! I'm 15 years old and I'm single, so...if you're a girl out there lookin' for a cute guy like me..I'm the one! *winks* I'm easy-going, fun-loving, and just a great guy to be around!
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My name is Anna and I'm 15 years old. I found someone that truly loves me. His name is Justin and he's from ♫The Melody Pack ♫ *smiles* I'm cute, friendly, and coopertive. You lookin' for a BFF? Well, I'm the gal you're lookin' for! *grins* One of my besties is Carter Ethan Black. He's a good friend. *smiles* My random buddy/other bestie is Lizzy! She's cool! *grins*
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The most precious saying that came from Justin's heart: "I love you Anna with all my heart, I will do anything for you. I couldn't bare of losing you. You're my life, my soul, my heart, my everything."
A lovely present from Justin! It's beautiful!
I'm Jason. I'm 15 years old. Single, too. *winks* This hat? On my head? It's awesome, it's mine, and you can't have it! Sorry about that. Just "protestin'" about the hat. I'm cool, smart, and totally awesome. Spend some time with me, and let's get to know each other!
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The moon is full and the night is dark. Stars are shining, the wolves in the stars are calling to us. We howl to the stars, the moon, and the night time sky. Sending the wolves above our messages for peace, love, and happiness. And when we are done, we slowly, die down, sleeping under the moonlight.
Luna the Spirit Wolf of the Northern Lights
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Yesh.! I am the first hacker.! haha.! Im hacking my buddy Jason cause he is just that awesome.! I love this boy (as a friend) He is wierd and is to much of a "Man" To go ice skating [Laughs] But shh i didnt say that.. Thats about it .. Bye bye.! ahahah

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