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Afton Volturi
  • Female
  • Volterra, Pisa, Italy
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Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
My Name is Afton Volturi.
My mate and my love of my life Chelsea.
I am a volturi.

Latest Activity

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen and Afton Volturi are now friends
Jun 16, 2010

Taken by the much wonderful girl ever.<3

Full Name: Afton Volturi
Species: Vampire
Human Residence: Venice, Italy
Current Residence: Volterra, Italy
Age: 18 (Actually is: 97)
Source of Change: Aro Volturi
Hair / Eyes: brown Hair / Burgundy to black Eyes
Physical Trait: Have above shoulder length brown hair that is straight.
Status: N/A
Family: Aro, Chelsea and the entire Volturi clan
Car: Black 911 Porche Carerra
Hobbies: Being wtih Chelsea, hunting


Hello there my name is Afton William Volturi and I am a member of the Volturi guard. I am in love with the most wonderful woman and her name is Chelsea. Now a little bit about my past. I was born on the night of February 11, 1781 in the town of Venice, Italy. My parents named me Afton William Castinelli. I always hated my name. Here is some background information on my family. My mom was just 21 when she gave birth to me and my father Leonardo was 25. I was the youngest of four children and grew up in a big family. I had two older brothers named Luigi and Xavier and an older sister named Natalia. They were my life. I never really knew what my father’s occupation was but some nights he would come home and it looked like he had gotten into a huge fight with someone. I tried asking my mother what exactly he did and she was not allowed to tell anyone.

As I grew up there was something unique about the way I could manipulate the way people thought. I always wondered why I always got my way. In grade school I was always able to manipulate the teacher to change my grades. In some ways I used this power that I didn’t understand to my advantage. I got picked on a lot when I as in grade school and always seemed to find my way to the back alley behind the school and just sat there and drew pictures of different objects. Art became my hideout from the real world. It seemed as though everything else in my world was shattered but my true love for painting. Now back to telling you about my family life as a human.

My siblings and I played together every day roaming the streets of Venice and playing with the pigeons in St. Marks square watching the wealthy tourists come visit our famous city. My family did everything together from going to church on Sundays at the local on around the corner from our third floor walk up villa in town to spending every Saturday night having a grand old feast with the entire family over staying until the late hours of the night partying. We did all these things until one night two vampires came roaming our side of the city killing everything they got their hands on.

The vampires knocked our door down and grabbed my father and sliced his throat open in front of the entire family. Watching my father being killed led me to believe that this was a work related matter and that he made a huge mistake. The vampires then went after my sister Natalia and bled her dry in a matter of seconds. I was so terrified that I would be next. But I was mistaken. My mother told me to go hide and I did. I hid in the basement of our house. I heard one of the vampires call the other one Aro. That name stuck with me as I watched my family being massacred to death. I then felt a thump on the floor above my head and it was my older brother Luigi’s dead body laying there lifeless bleeding. His blood started to drip through the wood floors and onto my head. I was so scared.

I felt like screaming my head off I was so terrified that I would be next. I curled up in a ball and waited the entire thing out. After fifteen minutes it went silent above me. That is when I decided to go upstairs to check on my family and to my dismay they were all dead on the family room floor. I began to cry and cry. I sat next to my mother and father holding their hands not wanting to let go. Then I heard two steps walk up behind me and I looked up and the vampires were still in my house. For some reason they took a liking to me. I heard the one vampire tell “Aro “ that this one would be a great asset to our coven not knowing what that meant. I could read their thoughts and knowing what they wanted to do to me was gruesome. I just wanted to kill myself right then and there.

I then heard Aro call the other vampire Caius. Now knowing the names of the murderers angered me even more. I looked at them and tried to manipulate their thoughts and it was working. I heard them speak in Italian that they wanted to change me into a vampire. At that point I didn’t really have a choice of how I would survive. In Italian I answered them back “Go ahead change me into a monster”. The two were surprised that I had spoken to them.

That same night the two vampires looked at me like I was their prized possession or something. I was scared out of my mind. I had only read about vampires and thought they didn’t exist and I was wrong. The one vampire Caius was ready to tear me to shreds and bleed me dry I read his thoughts. Aro on the other hand thought differently. He wanted to bring me to his Kingdom and raise me to be a Volturi guard member. I really had no choice in the matter and either way I was dead inside. It was then the decision was made .Aro wanted to keep me. He grabbed me by the shirt and picked me up and brought me over to the couch. I could already see that he was going to enjoy changing me into a monster.

I kept saying prayers in my head to hope this day would end. Then it happened..Aro grabbed my head and tilted it to the side and bit my neck. I was in so much pain and kept fighting him to stop, but he was much stronger than I was. I finally felt the venom run through my entire body killing my every organ quickly. I then felt my heartbeat speed up causing a massive heart attack. My heart then slowed and I had my last heart beat. I was dead inside. For some reason I felt more alive than when I was a human. I could feel my senses had heightened to such a level it was very hard to get used too. I layed there for a few minutes after going through the transformation and was confused as to what had just happened to me. I opened my eyes and looked around and saw two male vampires staring down at me snickering to each other like they had just done something horrible and were laughing about it. I started to feel my skin and it was so cold and then felt wetness on the side of my neck. Thats when It all came back. I was turned into a vampire. Was I to interpret this painful experience as a gift from Aro? I was utterly confused and all I can recall from that night was being born again, but this time as a monster.

After my transformation into a newborn Vampire I was brought back to live at the Volturi Kingdom in Volterra, Italy. My life there drastically changed as I had to learn the new ways of being a newborn vampire only feeding on the pure blood of humans. In a lot of ways I did miss being a human and having different kinds of foods to choose from to eat. During my training I met a female vampire named Chelsea. She was very talented and much more aware of her vampire surroundings than I ever was in training. I admired her tenacity for succeeding well and perfecting her fighting skills. I didn’t know if I should go and talk to her since she was very beautiful. We were in the same training classes to be guards for the Volturi and were set up to sword fight against each other. I had really practiced hard after training hours with my sword that was given to me by my Master Aro. The sword had my name engraved on the hand piece of the sword.

I put my fencing gear on and waited for Chelsea to get situated so our masters could watch our sword fight. I had admired her training with her trainer privately and knew she could easily beat me in this fight. That’s when I started to have feelings for her. I told myself after the fencing match that if she won that I would go up to her and ask her out. Chelsea won the match fair in square and as the fight was ending I tripped on her foot and fell on top of her. I just looked into her beautiful blood red eyes and kissed her. I knew from then on she would be my mate forever. Since I was Aro’s favorite I requested that Chelsea and I do our rounds of the castle together at all times so that I can keep an eye on her. Since that fencing match we have been inseparable and do our rounds of the castle together on our two horses.

After settling into my new lifestyle with Chelsea and the rest of the volturi guard members I have been asked to attend to many missions assigned by my very own master Aro. Since he was my creator he gives me the special missions that have a greater importance than other ones. Some of the elder volturi members like Felix aren't so happy with some of the decisions Aro has made when it came to giving out the orders for mssions. I have always paid my dues asking to not be gone long away from my beloved Chelsea and most missions she has come along with me with the permission of course from master Aro. One very important and exciting mission that I was involved in was with the Cullens and the so called immortal child of Bella and Edward Cullen named Renesmee. All of the Volturi guard members traveled to Forks to see what the big deal was with this child since Irina Denali had come to Volterra to intrude in our daily business to tell us some very important news about our fellow friends The Cullens.

Hearing what this female Vampire had to say was quite shocking and nerve racking. Aro was immediately furious and called an emergency meeting of all the guard members including the newbies and were asked to attend to this urgent matter immediately. We left the following day to travel to America to meet with our friends The Cullens. For quite some time Aro has been trying to recruit a few members of this coven into the Volturi but they had always refused the invitation to join us. I don't understand why these so called "Veggie" vampires would refuse such an honor to be apart of the Volturi Guard. After traveling to Forks we arrived to the site where we were to meet and saw a lot of other people standing up as witnesses for the Cullens. Most of them were vampires. This angered Aro and the rest of the elder guard members greatly. Cauis was ready to kill the immortal child right then and there but Aro wouldn't let him.

After hearing everyone speak on behalf of the child Aro went up to the little girl named Renesmee and could tell how mesmerized Aro was by this little vampire that was half human. I had never seen Aro so intrigued by an individual so much as he was by Renesmee. I knew she would mean no harm to others and that our coming here was somewhat a waste of time. I kept all this to myself of course. I watched as Aro and Cauis talked to the Cullens and finally in a puff of smoke saw the female vampire Irina denali disappear within thin air. Aro had ordered her to be killed due to false information. I could not believe my eyes. I had never seen Cauis kill a vampire like that. I watched the other denali clan members run to the burnt vampire ashes and cried out in tyranny for their loved one. I learned a huge lesson to not get on the bad side of my masters. Since that mission I have been on three other big ones invovling newborn outbreaks and keep learning the ropes of being a Volturi guard member. I look back on my life and am thankful and still mad for what Aro did to me. But I am content with my life as well having my beloved Chelsea as my wife to hold for eternity and love.
My Family:
My beloved Chelsea.

I love you with all my heart. You have brought me to life and a new chapter in our lives as well. We are to never part. It is both of us that holds that eternal love and admiration for one another that keeps me going everyday. I love you.

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