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Havent been on in a while. As usual. Its because I like Facebook better. ;)

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Dec 5, 2010

Ali's hackerzz X) and pictchas XD

SOOOOO.... I ish Ali. Annd. I love to dance. I'm not gonna tell you where I live. But I am 13 going on 6. Yes 6. No typo. I amm soo immature yet mature at the same time :) . Therefore, WHALLAA!! A 6 year old. TEEHEE! Well.. anyways. I love all my friends. (they are listed above.. or below? yeah below) OKAY!! Sidetracked. I have short term memory loss, ADD, and possibly Carpal Tunnel from how much I am on the computer. NOt really... Well maybe idk. BUUUTT!! UMM!! I love the environment. SO REDUCE REUSE REEECYCLE !! YAY!! !!! !!!!!! LOL!! And sidetracked again. I am straight but accept everyoneeee to talk too !! :) Luvyas allxD


Who is this beast?its Jeff THATS who!!Anyway this chick Ali is friggin AMAZING!!She is the starlight of my life every night as greenday would put it.She is what some would say "an amazing friend"but that doesnt cut IT!Does it help that ive known her since she was a toddler?lmao *inside joke DONT HATE*oh!and the fact that shes been my friend since ive gotten one of these things!!Anyway long story short she is an amazing gal and im lucky to have her in my life.LOVE YOU ALI BEARZ!!!

Yo. This is Tommy and let me tell you about AliDear here. She's amazing. Yeah, you probably hear that about EVERYONE but she really is. Through good times and bad she's there. For laughing and crying and everything in between. I know she's a real friend cause she watched me hit an all time low and still stuck around. Hurt her and this little nerd will make sure you're sleeping with the fishes. >:3 BWAHAHAHAHA O.O Sorry Evil moment. XD I love you Ali!

This is Samantha. This little kiddie here is da bombb!! *laughs* Shes awesome.. And your on the funnest,awesomeneess girls pagee!!(:

Its Emilee (Patrick) And Im hacking Spongebob xD itss an inssiide jokkee!!! I lovee this girll (Rawrr and you better lovzz her backk!!) Your on the awesoommest girl's page youlll EVVERR NOO!! xD Ali's my everything But most of all shes my bestie!! You'd bee darn luckyy too meet herr!! We raped Mcdonalds and burger king and wendeys (like thats how cool shee iss!!!) xD yea sooo i lovee herr!! ~Emmiee!!!

Heyyo!! It's tayloor herree!! :) AKA Ben!! (Inside jokee!!) Lol i love this girrll!! she is the frikkin bombbb likee tick tickk!! for hizzaaatt!! iloveeyouu jerrryyboo!! :) Anywayerzz you would be lucky too have this incredible womann as yourr frieennd!! cuz her ish funny smarrtt crazzy and funlovingg soo you will love her!! Okey Dokeyy kiddies im out!! I Wubb Chhuu... Taylorr <3

My Amazing Friends!!

Tommy!!!! [So many things to say, Luv ya Tommy]
Jeffy!!!!! [Good times, Good times Phineas.]
Ringpop a.k.a. Alex [teehee lmao hehe thats all i will say]
Andrew [little prankster]
Samantha Conner[SPONGEBOB]
Marti Skittlezz [uh huh, potatoes, dragonfruits, and frickin Llamas]
Manda Mariee[You're my sistah !! XD . Love you Amanda my non normal friend]
Abby Rowan!! [she's the best at advice !! xD]
Taylooor[AKA BEN!!]
Emilee !! [we raped Wendy's PATRICK!!]

This is the most Awsome Canary you will ever meet...She is always there for you with her ninga skills theres NOOOOOOO way you can beat her lolzz.... you might not think thats alot ... But these are hard making... Well let's get to the part everyone has one their hacksss ........................................................................Mess with her you DIE.............................................................................................


Brandon Boyd SEXINESSS !!

LIVE LAUGH LOVE thats mehh motto :)



hey aliiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! have fun at the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz :P i still think hes a 37 yr old lesbian. haha luv ya!!!!!!!!!

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I love my friends!!!! (that means you guys XD)
I love music!!! :)
I am a dancer... ballet, jazz,hip hop, and mainly lyrical
I love to take pictures!! :)
I love skittlezz! and I am WEIRDD! but randomness is the best!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Twilight 1
New Moon 1 and a half?
Eclipse: 1 and a half(in the process lol)
Breaking Dawn: 1
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
SWITTZZ!! Edward is sweeettt and Jacob is nice... but Taylor Lautner is U G LY and so is RObert Pattinson..... sooo yeah

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Which Character Are You Most Like?
Alice.. I dance.. and Rosalie... I can be bitter at times!

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Favorite Books

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What is Your Favorite Music
Never Shout Never
White Stripes (lol Jeffy)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Black Eyed Peas
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:

Music Playlist at

Favorite Quotes:
umm lots!! But here's some... :)

If only you had as much brains as you do boobies. ~My Life as Liz

You know when it's reall!! ~Wendy's xD JUST KIDDING

Love hurts, but sometimes its a good hurt and it feels like I'm alive. ~Brandon Boyd

Even diamonds start out as coal. ~Brandon Boyd of Incubus

He was helping Keith put his pants back on. ~Me

What does idk mean?
I dont know.
~idk (haha get itt?)

~Me and Amanda and Mr.Keith Koszut himself.

Be who you wanna be. B-A-R-B-I-E!! BARBIE GIRL!! ~JUST KIDDING AGAIN

Yes, because gum is the way to a 7th grade guy's heart. ~Amanda

"Either she has a retarded family or her mom was drunk too" ~Lauren

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At 4:24am on August 4, 2010, Overrated;;™ said…
I just freaking love youv<333
At 4:16am on August 4, 2010, Overrated;;™ said…
I freaking love you more! Your the rainbow of my liiiife
At 3:43am on August 4, 2010, Overrated;;™ said…
Idk how I've lived without you for this long!? D:
At 1:44am on August 4, 2010, Overrated;;™ said…
I love you Ali xD
At 2:30pm on June 23, 2010, Tom said…
Dear Ali,
I'll always love and miss you more.
At 12:09am on June 5, 2010, Tom said…
I've been grounded. Miss ya Ali
Love Tommy
At 12:45am on April 3, 2010, Tom said…
You never told me his name! Jeez :P Miss Short term Memory can't say ANYTHING!
At 11:26pm on March 15, 2010, Tom said…

At 11:25pm on March 15, 2010, Justin Bieber said…
haha. xD Soooo smarticles.
At 10:55pm on March 9, 2010, Emillee Kitty Catt(: said…
I did I did!!
Itss soo cuttealiishhiouss!!(:

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