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Hi i am cory (i am a girl) PLease leave comments add me and please read my storys! Thanks Much! God Bless!-Cory! TEAM JACOB♥♥♥!!!!

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I read the series ever since it came out and about 10 times each since
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Ok well if u dont already know I am .... Drum Roll please * drum roll* TEAM......

I am team Jacob because he will do what he can to keep Renesmee, Bella, and the Cullens for that matter safe. He loves Bella and He has since day 1! But he knows that no matter what he says or does for her it wont be anywhere as good as edward. He was there when she was hurt when she was alone and he made her feel human. But then when edward was back Bella abandoned Jacob For edward just cause he was there. Jacob Shows alot of love for bella and bella loves him too but... mostley as a friend. He Trys to explain his love for her but he cant. So i am Team Jacob..... I RUN WITH THE WEREWOVLES... * WOLF HOWL * TEAM JACOB!!!
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Well i think i am Alice , Bella , and Jacob.
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I am also like Bella cause i have a wild side that i keep for my wild friends and a calm protective side i keep for my alm friends. My friends practicly hate each other cause they are different teams. Ya its like twilight at my school. Even though i am team JAcob the team edward people still love me. Also i will do anything to keep the ones i love safe.
I am also like Jacob becuase i have a wild side to me. Also cause i love this guy but he loves this other girl.. but he loves me too. But i know i am nowhere near good enough for him so i am letting him go.

Team JACOB!!!
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"Are you afraid?" - Edward
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"As long as you like me best... And you think i am good- looking- sort of then i am willing to be annoyingly persistant" - Jacob Black
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Full Moon

Chapter 1.
Renesmee's prospective.

I woke up in my little cottage in the forest. The Sun was barly showing through the thick trees around me.Cloudy like always. I was awake and i knew my dad knew that . Because he can read my mind. I sat up Looking in the mirror right in front of me. I had my mothers eyes and my grandfathers hair. I had my fathers lips and nose and my mothers face structure. I was so different. Everytime i thought of Werewolfs, humans , vampires...Its like they are groups. And if i thought about it... I belonged to no one. Not Vampire because i was half vampire. Not human becuase if anything i was more vampire than human even though i was half human. I had a beeting heart. But I looked and ate like a vampire would. But i was steamy hot and Aged very quickly. And i was definatly not a werewolf, but my best friend was. Jacob Black. The name made my heart beat faster. Jacob Black had imprinted on me when i was a newborn. People always Make fun of him for that... I thought it was sweet. Right now i am 13 but i look 17 or 18 and jake looked maybe 19 or 20. So we were best friends. I always loved Jacob..... like loved loved jacob. He always had this charm that made me almost faint. I laughed. I am so much like my mother. I heard a faint tap on my door, then a little crack of light shined through my doorway.
" May I come in?" I heard. I knew this voice it was my father. Of course listening to my thoughts again
" Sure dad " I answered. When he walked in i looked at his face and i saw the expression on it. It was worried but sad too. He looked Upset. His face was in a frown.
" Renesmee..." He started to say something but changed his mind. " Nessie Dear." that was my nickname my mom wasnt fond of it. It didnt bother me. Even thought it was the nickname for the loch Ness monster i thought it was sorta cool I was a mystery. People tried to find the real me but no one new me.
" Your mom and I are worried. You are growing quickly and ..." I knew the end we found a way to make u stay along longer I was wondering why they couldnt bite me and make me a vampire but then i relized. Jacob wouldnt want me then... or would he? " well Carlise has an idea he thinks if you have a child then maybe you will slow your age down.." what did he say have a baby? I am 13 for crying our loud " we are not saying now just soon maybe.." He finished
" Dad i.." I started but he cut me off
" I know nessie just think about it ok?"
" Ok" Then he walked to my door smiled then walked out. Me a mother wow i couldnt even think about it. I tried my best to put myself into a dream where i was a mother but all i got was a crying cranky baby crying and i was sitting there lifeless, tired, confused, but the same age i did slow down. Then my cell ringed. I picked it up and the name "Jacob Black" BLinked annoyingly on the screen. I answered it.
" Renesmee? Listen!" He started. " I Just heard something from Carlise and i wanted to know if it was true?" He asked worried
" What true Jake? Whats going on?"
" Do they really know how to make you grow normally?"
" I think so Jake but its not the best thing..."
" I will do anything! I want you for more than 20 years!" He was loosing it. I was estimated for living for 20 years so i wanted to do something too for me to live.
" Well Jake...... "
" Tell me i will help you whatever it is! I will i swear!"
" I might keep you up on that.."
" well..?" He was obviously anxious
" Carlise thinks that maybe if i have a child then well... My aging will slow down . That i will age normaly like a human would."
" Baby? He asked " hmm.... Well that That is not what i expeted "
" I know Jake. I felt the same way."
" well hmm i guess that could work..."
" Yes it could."
" I need to talk to carlise about that."
" I guess you do" I answered
" So Renesmee Want to come down to LA PUSH for a bit?"
" I wish i could but i bet ALice is gonna make a big thing for my birthday... Cant you come to the Cullens for my party?"
" Ya see you then Nessie... Love ya"
" you too" I blushed. Then He hung up.
I suddenley felt sad. Dont feel bad i tld myself You will see him in less then 4 hours. SO i got dressed for my birthday party. Fun. I sighed

Chapter 2.
I got up and put the first thing i found on. When i acually looked at myself i had a pair of jeans and a blue blouse on. I never wore these, ALice would like that. I slowley walked into the living room. My father was looking at me smiling a half smile but i knew it took alot to put it there. My mother was pacing back and forth.
" Well are we ready to go to my birthday party?" I said. When i spoke my mother turned around quickly to stare at me.
" Sure come on sweetie."She said " but first we have a present for you." Oh great a present. Be happy I told myself. So i smiled.
" What is it mom?" As soon as i said that she ran out of the room and came back with a little black box.
" When I was 18 Jacob gave me this then your father added something to it. I asked Jake if you could have it and he say of course so here." She held it out to me close enough were i could reach it easily.
" Umm Thanks mom and dad."They smiled. I took the box and stared at it for a minute. Then opened it It was a braclet with a wooden charm o a wolf and a glass heart on it.I picked it up and examined it carefully. My throat choked up.
" Mom, Dad you shouldn't have. Its so pretty. I love it." As soon as i said that i put it on " thank you" I hugged them both quickly"
" Well.." My father said " lets go make Alice's day with a party"
" Ok" I said then sighed. I hated partys just as much as my mother. But i loved parties for other people. Me and my little family all ran to "The Cullens" Also known as my grandparents house. See peoplewere so curious about "The Cullens" I see them in the newspaper every 3 months or so. Why? Cause they were never at stores and Dr. Cullen Came only on cloudy days. My idea for this is they had no news so they decieded to bug a family on why they are different. We jumped over the river and i slowely walked into the house. Of course it was dark in there.
" Suprise!!!!!!" They all yelled and turned the lighs on.
" ya suprise..." I said, it was no suprise, it was light out side so i could see them perfectley but since i had human eyes they thought i couldnt. Haha oh Well. Alice ame running upp to me with a present. Great more presents.
" Here Nessie hope you like it. " She handed me a small card. I opened the card and it said " Look into the big box in the corner." The corner?" I asked
" Ya" she answered. I walked over to the corner and it was really big and i could hardley reach the top.I walked up to the box. It was pink and purple stripes. With a big red bow on top. I slowely walked up to the box. Then turned around and looked at my family. They All smiled and my mother mouthed " GO..." I sighed and turned back around and walked up to the box pulled the ribbon off and slowely opened the box and then Jacob Jumped out of the box!
" Suprise!!" He yelled.
"Jake---" I yelled as i jumped into his arms. " Oh Jake your here! " I smiled and then. I turned around to see that we were all alone... must be part off my present. I looked back at Jacob.
" Why are you here?" I asked still breathless.
" Do you want me to leave?"
"NO!!!" I yelled. " please No!"
"Ness relax i won't' He smiled and hugged me tighter " Ness you ok? your heart is freaking out."
" Ya i am fine... perfect.. now that you are here " I smiled. When i looked up he was staring at me. " what?" I asked.
" Can i ask you something?" He asked sweetley.
" Of course" I answered " anything"
He laughed "I cant belive i am asking this.." He sounded nervous I looked into his eyes
" Jake what do you need to ask me."
"maybe i shouldn't ask maybe i should just show you...." Then before i could speak his lips crushed gentley against mine. He put one hand on my back and on hand was holding his hand against his heart. I felt his heart beat fast as we were kissing. I could here my heart beat faster and faster and faster. He then stopped to soon and whispered in my ear
" I was gonna work up to this but... I love you." As soon as he said that my heart stopped and i stopped breathing.He loved me. i was thinking about all the wonderful things that those 3 words meant.
"Ness?" He asked when i didnt answer. I looked at him then noticed he was anxios.
"Really? you- you do?" I asked stuttering over the words.
"Yes i do."
" I love you too Jake." I answered those four words sounded right from my mouth.
He smiled then Kissed me agian this time more fierce. Then for the 2nd time he stopped kissing me a little to early.

Chapter 3
" Mom Come on please don't..."
" Renesmee I don't want to hear it... you are gonna stay with your Aunt Rose."
" Mom..." I whined loudly " Jake can take care of me! I know he would not let anything hurt me..." And I did know that. Jacob said he... loved me. I sighed and my heart fluttered like a humming bird. My mom stared at me Confused but let it go.
" Ness.. I don't want to talk about this any more."
" But mom.. Please"
" No ness... Just Stay with Aunt Rose. please for me."
"Fine." I was mad now i went in my room and grabbed my phone and climbed out of my window. Great now i was " One Of Those Teenagers " The ones who say ' I hate you mom' Or ' U want me to die?!'. Then My phone ringed when i was about 5 miles away. I looked at the name blinking on my screen and the fast beat ring tone playing. I stopped running. It was Jacob.
" Hello?" I asked
"Renesmee? Hey its Jake... wanna come down to La Push for a bit?"
" I am already on my way..."
"Wait... they will acually let you?
"Let me... No.. but i snuck out." He laughed my faorite barked laugh.
" Well come on down.. Sam cant wait to see you.. You know how he loves to see you."
"I know ... so i guess i will be down in a bit?"
"Yep See ya soon Ness... Love Ya.. for real this time"
"Love ya too Jake" I blushed. I was glad Jacob Was rebelious cause it meant he wouldn't tell mom or dad.
"Bye..." He answered.
"See ya soon." Then before he could say any more i closed the phone. I put the phone in my pocket and started runniong again until my phone was ringing again. This time the ring was different it was slower,, It was like my mothers lullaby. Oh Great, That meant it was too people. My mom.. or dad. I stopped running again. This was getting annoying. And Looked at the name. Yep it was my Dad. Should i answer it? Yes I should.
"Hello?" I answered
"Nessie are you ok? Where are you?" Nope i was wrong it was my mom... on my dads cell. Smart.
" I am fine Mom.. just going to see Jake be back at like 10 or something."
" No! You are coming home right now."
" No i am going to see Jake... end of story love you mom bye." Then i shut the phone and put it into my pocket. And before you knew it, i was running at the speed of light.
I ended up at La Push. I saw Billy's little house. And then Jake came running out of his garage with a big smile on his face. Deja Vu. This exact thing happened with my mom... weird.
" Nessie!" He Yelled. Then he came and give me a big hug around the waist.
"Jake!" I yelled back ad i put my arms around his neck.
" I missed you." He said Smiling.
" I missed you too" I said as i blushed a deep red. " Alot " I finished.
He smiled and then kissed me gently. Then stopped and hugged me closer. Behind Jake I heard Billy's Voice.
" Ok Talk to you soon goodbye Charlie." Click. He was on the phone with Charlie. The funny thing was I could hear like Vampires. But I couldn't see as good as vampires. Part of my Half human thing.
I loved how Billy knew about vampires. It made it so much easier to talk to him. Unlike Charlie my grandpa. He only knew about werewolves. If he knew about vampires. He would flip. He could hardley stand listening about werewolves.
" Hey Renesmee. Its good to see you." Billy said interuppting my thoughts. I tried to get out of Jakes hug. Then When he refusedto let go i put my hand to his cheek and showed him how it embarresed me. He laughed and let go.
" Hi billy " I said smiling. " how ya feeling"
" Normal" He smiled " How about you? How are the Cullen's doing?"
" They are good. Thank you." I smiled back.
" Well..." Jake said " Sam is dieing to see you and so is Quil. They miss Seeing my imprintee"
" well i shouldn't Keep you kids from the pack. See you too later."
" Bye Billy " I said as Jacob was pulling me along next to him. A howl broke throught the trees.
" Sam is waiting.. come on" He said as he pushed me back and walked about a mile away then Phased into a wolf.

Chapter 4.
He walked up to me slowely and nudged me with his head. Then he whipped his head around and groweld. I bet it was Sam.. So inpatient. I climbed on Jacob's back and he flew through the trees. As we came to a clearing everyone was human even Leah. I hadnt seen her forever. Jacob went into the trees phased back and than Seth threw him clothes. Jake then Came back into the clearing fullly dressed and had a big smile on his face. Seth smiled and ran up to me.
" Hey Nessie!" He Yelled Then gave me a big bear hug.
"Seth." I tried to breath " Can you put me down... i cant breath" He laughed and put me down.
"Wow Ness... youand Jake acually look the same age." Sam said then smiled. Everyone was here. Sam, Embry, Jared, Quil, Leah, Seth, Paul, and their imprintee's.
" Thank you Sam?" Sam laughed a loud laugh. " Well ness.. we are having a party.. sort of.. tonight... wanna come."
" I would be more than happy to" I said then smiled.
" No offense but Ness you smell bad." Embry said across the circle from me.
" thanks " I said then laughed one quick laugh.
" well nessie Follow us.. we will lead the way" I leaned into Jacob. He was so warm against my skin.
" OK." I answered. I didnt want to say anymore. I had Jacob at my side. And that was all that mattered at the moment...
ME and Jake Walked side by side... Him holding my waist, me leaning into him. This was what i liked, What i loved. Me and Jake Together and HAppy. I was so tired i closed my eyes and drifter to sleep.
" Wake up sleep head." Jake Whispered in my ear, I opened my eys and we were at the bonfire there was a feist. As i looked down JAke was holding me. Guess i couldnt sleep and walk.
" SOrry oh Crap did i fall asleep sorry- sorry i should of went to sleep last night.-"
"Ness dont freak its ok " SEth interupted me
"Jake can u like u know" He laughed and then put me down. But still held me close to him.
" SO Sam anything you want and umm well this is a party so like have fun.."
Every one laughed and then i noticed alot of people were there.. All the Tribe... All of forks... every one.
There was a stage and a food table filled with enough food for the army. But with the Stomach these werewolves Have its probaly is just like feeding the army.
Sam Walked up to the stage and started talking.
"Hello Welcome to the anual Forks apriciantion week. This is the first day of our week. Now as you know only invited members are aloud here, WEll we have a new member please welcome Renesmee Cullen." Oh My Gosh!!! Did Sam just do that? Did Jake know ? I looked at jake and he was smiling. Then Sam pointed one finger at me and bent it as in Come here.I blushed.
AS i walked up i heard whispers and scowls. I bet Cullens werent aloud here.
"Relax Ness Jeez" He whispered when i was next to him smiling and blushing.
" I know you are all thinking this is a no Cullen Party.. well not any more.. ness is JAke over there's girlfriend and she is important so she is now just Renemsee....Black ok so treat her the same as you would me or Jacob. Thank you. You may go now Renemsee." He finished
"Ok..." I said blushing. As i went back to Jake he had a big smile. I sat down on the bench next to him and leaned into him.
"Ness?" He asked I looked up to see worry in his eyes.
"Yes Jake"
"Does it make you uncomfortable?"
"What JAke? What is it" I put my hand to my cheek he might have seen the worry i was accidently showing him but i didnt care" You can tell me anything."
" Well up on stage Sam said lets all see you as....."
"say it JAke" i urged when he didnt continue.
"Renemsee Black" He finished.
"Yes and?" I didnt understand
"Does it make you uncomfortable that i am so much in love with u that i see you as Renemsee Black."
"Jake? Thats what u weer worried about? Of course not!" I said leaning closer to him "I promise I love that you see me as REnemsee Black!"
"Yes" I said but before he could say anything i was kissing him and for the first time i didnt care that people were staring i knew they were but he needed to know i Was ok with it. He stopped and looked at me.
"I love you Ness."
" I love you too, more than you know." Then we kissed again listening to the "awws" and "how cute". I didnt care.. i was with Jake. And that was my main priority.
Chapter 5
When the night was over i kissed Jake goodnight and started running home as soon as i saw the cottage i stpped running looked at my phone it was 2 in the morning.. Ouch. This is gonna be a hard punishment. then I saw the curtain the sliding glass dorr open a little bit as i saw my mothers worried face looking for me. As soon as she saw me her worry turned to anger. I sighed and then started walking human speed to the cottage.
As i arrived at the door, my mother was standing in the doorway with the door wide open.
"Nice for you to join us tonight Renesmee." she said Meaner than she usally was.
"I am sorry mom i just.. i needed to see jake... to talk to him."
"Renesmee! I-"
"Bella..Hold on " My father interupted. " Remember how you saw me every day and when i would hunt you couldnt live it hurt u felt empty?"
"Yes but its not the same!"
"Its exacly the same. She missed Jake and went to see him... she sees him once a week if she is lucky i can read her thoughts and she loves Jacob just like i love you. Imagine seeing me once a week." I stayed silent through this i thought if i taked the talk my father was giving would work.
" I would hate it but-"
"Bella, Why cant she love Jacob?"
"Cause i- i mean she can find someone better i- i mean she knows that its hard for me- i mean us to be by him it brings back the old times.. the easy times...." She sighed
"Mom.. " I finally spoke " Are you sure this isnt because.. you might still have feelings for him.. would it?"
"No! Why would you think that?Ugh! Gosh just go to your room Renesmee!"
"ok.." I said as i walked into my room. I could here them whispering but i couldnt get out what they were saying.
I laid down on my bed put my face into my pillow and screamed. I knew they could here but i hope they wouldnt bring it up or something! Why was this so hard? Why couldn't i be with him? Was it because my mother still loved him? and didnt was to hard to think of his as her son in law? Then there was a knock on my door.
"Its me can i come in please?" My father asked.
"Sure why not." I heard him open the door then closed it behind him. Ha came and sat by me "Ness I know your mom is being unreaonable and she said sorry and to give you this. " He gave me a pair of keys. " your giving me a car?" I asked.
" Umm well there is more than one pair of keys there." There was there was a car key a house key and then other keys i dint know what they were.
"Umm Dad What are these keys too exacly?"
"Well this one is a house key for here and this one is to your new Motor Cycle... Umm it was your moms.. she use to ride it with Jacob but she doesnt anymore so she is giving it to you."
"Wow thanks Dad. THis is really cool!"
"Ness. Those questions you were thinking, i will answer them. WEll first your mother still has feelings for JAcob and she doesnt want to think of him as her son.. so she is thinking of stupid things for you not to love him."
"Dad- why?"
"Ness Think of this you had a daughter and too guys loved you.. lets say Jake and Seth ok they both loved you. you marry jake but you love seth too but not as much ok?" I shuddered i like Seth but not love him.
" I know ness but just listen. If you did love seth and you did marry Jacob and you had a baby gir with jacob and the baby falls in love with seth but you still loved sth.. wouldn't that be... weird? at all?"
"Well ya but-"
" I am still taking your side on this one but letting you know how your mother feels."
"Oh well thanks.. i guess.."
"Love you ness"
"You too dad"
he then got up and left. That would be strange for me to have the person i loved as my son- in - law. I was thinking about my moms side when i fell asleep. Thinking about me and Jacob married.
Chapter 6.
When i woke up the sun was out... thats meant i was trapped in my cottage all day, That is because my mother wouldnt let me out of her sight... I sighed. I got out of bed and went to my closet, What was i gonna where today? I looked forsomething cute to put on.After about a minute or two i found a Cute Black T-shirt and some cute Shorts on, I put on my shtriped leggings that Jasper and Aunt Alice bought me, and my Black COnverse. I ran out to the living room andwalked to the couch and sat down next to my mother and father. They had the t.v. on not really listening, or watching. Just sitting there. My mother turned to my father, pretending i wasnt there and said,
" Edward i am thirsty want to go hunting?"
"Umm sure, Renesmee?"
"I guess so..." I saw my mom look away. "acually I was gonna go see Jake today , If you don't mind?" I finished
"No go ahead Ness." My father said
"Thanks "I smiled and got up "Well see you guys later" I ran out of the house and started for billy's. When i got there Billy was watching t.v. He told me Jake was asleep but go ahead into his room. I walked down the short narrow hallway to the last room, the door was closed but i walked in quietly and closed the door behind me. AS soon as the door closed his eyes opened wide and he fell off the bed with all of the blankets and everything.
"Umm Jake?" As soon as he heard my voice he got onto his feet instently and smiled.
"Ness! Umm why are you here? not that i dont like that u are but why are you?"
"Well i decied i wanted to see you so i came over "I smiled

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