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If i had a world of my own Everything would be nonsense

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Isabella Marie Cullen replied to Alice_the_pixie's discussion Forgotten Love in the group Fan Fiction
"New reader! Please update soon!!!!!!1"
Mar 6, 2011
sahdia replied to Alice_the_pixie's discussion Forgotten Love in the group Fan Fiction
"New reader dis iz awsum.i luv da plot wer dis stryz goin!cud u plz ad me az a frnd plz i cnt ad u cz im on ma phne ere n supid thing wnt clik on link.urgh!must b sumah rng wiv it-anywyz plz do n wryt mre imediatly!lol"
Jan 5, 2011
Celia replied to Alice_the_pixie's discussion Forgotten Love in the group Fan Fiction
"ooh yay, ur story is the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Dec 15, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Bella Cullen (hailey)'s discussion Over.... Will it be over forever?? in the group Fan Fiction
"im thinking it might be Rose??"
Aug 27, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Sam Ryan's discussion The Day Edward Proposed to...Well, someone other than Bella. in the group Fan Fiction
"oooh whos he gonna propose too thenn??"
Aug 24, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Cait♥[Roe]WRU4ever's discussion Secrets of Sisterhood in the group Fan Fiction
"hahaha the computer doesn't transfer sarcasim very well :p"
Aug 23, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to I Am the Mockingjay♥'s discussion The Popular One in the group Fan Fiction
"i agree update more sooon!"
Aug 14, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Just~Believe~It's discussion Endless Love in the group Fan Fiction
"interesting story.... please continueee"
Aug 12, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to newmoonie123's discussion Welcome Back... in the group Fan Fiction
"yeah i was wondering that too but really good i loved it!! please post soon!!"
Aug 4, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Emma C.'s discussion Until It Happens - An Edward and Bella story in the group Fan Fiction
"soooo awesome!!! please update like really soon!! i have to admit i was getting annoyed at you not publishing for so longg but that chapter was A-MA-ZING!! i really hope that thats Edward standing behind her!! You reallly are an astounding writer…"
Jul 13, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to brianna's discussion Best Friends Or A Couple? in the group Fan Fiction
"i love it"
May 6, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Gisele's discussion I fell in love with my boss! in the group Fan Fiction
"you really need to post more soon"
Apr 15, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to kylie cullen-black's discussion Newly wrecks (ALL HUMAN) in the group Fan Fiction
"is anybody gonna post soon?"
Apr 15, 2010
Alice_the_pixie replied to Gabs:)'s discussion Past meets present in the group Fan Fiction
"omg i love lily's hair!!!!"
Sep 25, 2009

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

Put The Big Red Button on your site Press It.... i dare you.....
*I am really crazy :p
*i LOVE Taylor Lautner [get away everyone...hes mine :) ]
*im gonna be a writer someday :)
*i love twilight!
*i am an extraordinarily good cook/baker
*i LOVE LOVE LOVE writing
*i SUCK at algebra
*i want to go to Oxford and study literature
*You dont wanna mess with me
*i think Juliet is an idot who deserved what she got
*i have a HUGE imagination
*i LOVE to play soccer (on the field is where you REALLY dont wanna mess with me)
*i love to travel
*reading is one of my most favorite things to do
*i LOVE to dance and shop with my friends
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I first read Twilight back in october 2008.... it was kinda funny cus i read and finished twilight like the day of halloween and i kept on looking around that night for vampires like James and kept freaking me out lol. but i fell head over heels in love the series and i dream to one day write books as amazing and impowering as twilight
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Book Edward and Team Movie Jacob. I LOVE Edward in the twilight books cause hes just so amazing and romantic and i would love for him to be my boyfriend. But in the movie edward is kinda weird a creeper looking. I HATE jacob in the book (moron kissed Bella) he is just so obnoxious and annoing. But the Jacob in the movies is YUMMY. i loved it when he took off his shirt it made me wanna hit MY head so he'll take off his shirt for me. can you say H-O-T?!?!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Most definetly Alice and Bella. My personality is definetly Alice. im bubbly and fun and i love to shop and party and have fun. But im also like bella cause i am a TOTAL klutz.
Favorite Books
*Pride and Predjudice
*Romeo and Juliet (even though Juliet is an idiot and ruins her life)
*Harry Potter
*Go ask Alice
*Vampire Diaries
*New Moon
*Breaking Dawn
*basically all the Shakespeare books
What is Your Favorite Music
*Linkin Park
*Sick Puppies
*Katy Perry
*The Veronicas
*Lady Gaga
*Miley Cyrus
*Cobra Starship
*The Blacked Eyed Peas
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Shows:Greys Anatomy, Americas Next Top Model, Chuck, Degrassi
Movies: Pride and Predjudice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Music and Lyrics, Shes the Man, What A Girl Wants, Disturbia, The Hangover, Extract, Paranormal Activity
Games: Truth or Dare, Sorry, Up Words, Scene it, monopoly
Favorite Quotes:
"Do i dazzle you?"
"ooh, she does smell good."
"this hostage stuff is fun"
"bella, r u okay?' 'no, u broke my hand!"
"fall down again bella?"
Favorite Activities
Writing (im working on a book)
Going to the movies
Hanging out with my friends
Going on this website

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Name :Veronica
Nick Name :Nikki, Ronika, or Alice
Birthdate :Dec 11
Birthplace :Pittsburgh
Current Location :im not telling you...
Eye Color :Hazel, they change with my mood
Hair Color :REEEALLLY Blonde
Height :5'4
Weight :idkk like 110
Piercings :only my ears.... but im getting my cartlidge and Belly button pierced when i go to college
Tatoos :none
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :nope
Vehicle :i want a Porsche
Overused Phrase :Bite me
Food :anything French or Chinese
Candy :anything with chocolate (as long as there are no nuts :/)
Number :7... its always my jersey number
Color :Black, Red, or a really dark purple
Animal :ummm.... squirrel??
Drink :anything really
Body Part on Opposite sex :six pack, eyes, hair
Perfume :pink ice from Rue, Twilight perfume (it smells reallt good), and Harijuku Lovers G
TV Show :Greys Anatomy
Music Album :Paramore Riot!, All We Know is Falling, and Brand New Eyes
Movie :Pride and Predjudice
Actor/Actress :Taylor Lautner.... yummy
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :neither... i hate soft drinks
McDonalds or BurgerKing :Wendys
Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Hot coco
Kiss or Hug :Kiss
Dog or Cat :Cat
Rap or Punk :Punk
Summer or Winter :i LOV3 both
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :either one
Love or Money :is it impossible to have both??
Bedtime :11:00 pm
Most Missed Memory :Alcopoco with Pauu... i cant wait to see you again this summer girl!!
Best phyiscal feature :Eyes and Lips
First Thought Waking Up :damn it.... that was a good dream
Ambition :Writer
Best Friends :Anna, Addie,Kim,Nicollette
Weakness :none
Fears :spiders
Cheated Your Partner :No
Ever been beaten up :hells naw
Ever beaten someone up :yup... got bus suspension for it :/
Favorite Eye Color :Brown
Favorite Hair Color :dark brownish blackish
Short or Long :short and spiked
Height :5'9
Style :just look at Taylor Lautner
Looks or Personality :Hotness with a six pack!!!
Hot or CuteHOTTTT
Muscular or Really Skinny :Muscles... yummy
What country do you want to Visit :Europe
How do you want to Die :when im really old
Been to the Mall Lately :yup and im going again today
Get along with your Parents :sometimes
Health Freak :not really
Do you think your Attractive :i can be
Believe in Yourself :yup
Want to go to College :Oxford all the way baby!!
Do you Smoke :no
Do you Drink :only on holidays with the Fam
Shower Daily :yes
Been in Love :i think it exists in some form or the other... the whole Romeo and Juliet love at first sight seems kind like a cliche though
Do you Sing :only when im by myself
Want to get Married :yes
Do you want Children :3
Hate anyone :all the bitchy cheerleader at my school.... they're total pain in the ass whores and i cant wait until they are 500 lb cat ladys at our 25 yr class reunion
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I'm a Alice! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out! Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!
yay!! im alice!! i see da future!!

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At 6:46pm on June 2, 2011, desireenickels said…
At 6:54pm on November 15, 2010, Celia said…
can u plz post more of forgotten love =D
At 10:15am on August 16, 2010, AlEx§EiRn§jAkE§lAvI§DaYsIa§LoVi said…
an i will!!!
At 6:07pm on May 29, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
Good...fingers crossed, saying a little prayer, and sending you happy thoughts all at the same time. I will be on here for two more hours and then back later. I will read it all at vampire speed. Love, Maggie
At 7:17pm on May 28, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
Have you written any of Envy yet????
At 6:36pm on April 17, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
But of course I will read your story honey. Just send me story or the link and whatever and I will get right into it and comment or whatever you may need. I will be on today for about another hour and a half, then I wont be back until Monday. But I will do whatever you need. Love to be of help...and yes you must get the story out of you if its there, you cannot neglect creative genius, EVER!! Lots of love, Maggie
At 6:09pm on April 5, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
Yae!!! Were now finally friends and stuff. I am glad you will repost, I would hate to lose your story with all the makes me sick with all the ff I was reading and now some will never be finished. But at least some people are reposting! And no problem on the advice, I am here for the advice always on someone whos a bit older and been there done that stuff. Now PLEASE get to writing, and thanks sweetie. Have a great day! Are you on Spring Break? If so, have a blast!!!!!!
At 6:24pm on April 2, 2010, Maggie Morrison said…
Hey, I am seeing if your story was deleted as wel? And if it was will you repost. You are always so nice to post on my page when you update...thanks!! I am so sorry if it was deleted in the Great Twilight Saga Deletion of 2010. First time on your page though...I hear you on the Oxford thing. One of my best friends went there. Loved it...but I am a bit older than you and wanted to tell you a bit of advice real fast, hope you dont mind. When you get your belly button pierced they probably wont tell you but the way to get it to heal fast, really fast,is to use the same solution stuff they give you when you get your ears pierced, ya know they would give it to you at like Claires or whaetever you have there at the mall. Pore it on the pierced area at least 3 times a day. I got mine at 18, 28 now. Still have it and it only took about a week to be good, my friend didnt get that advice and hers took 3 weeks or more to heal. And the cartlidge I had pierced at the top of both ears. I have had my eyebrow (hated it and took it out) the nob on both ears, and my tongue....the cartlidge at the top of the ear is the MOST painful. It never truly heals and if you sleep to long on the side of your face you will hurt the next day, I had them about 6 years and was tired of the bull**** so I eventually took them out. Sorry, just a bit of advice. Let me know please about the story... Maggie
At 8:47pm on January 19, 2010, lourdes said…
thanks.....for reading my fanfiction and commenting....keep reading it's going to get better.

At 8:21pm on January 7, 2010, cidney said…
Chapter 9 of Edward and Bella Best friends or loverss is now upp(:

checck it outtt

thanks for all the comemmentts :D

At 12:10am on January 5, 2010, cidney said…
Chapter 8 of Edward and BElla best friends or lovers is now up!!!

hope you like it!

(btw edward 18 now too) Alice is the only one whos not!


thanks for all the comemmentss
At 7:47pm on November 12, 2009, Aidni <3's Jacob Black said…
I <3 forgotten love!
At 8:36pm on July 26, 2009, Stephanie said…
hey thanks for the add
At 3:52pm on July 7, 2009, Bella Swan/cullen said…
I love your pix

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