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Amberr;..'s Friends

  • Jocelyn Ivy<3
  • Only A Nothing.™
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  • Merci Clove Rolstin -™
  • Freaking Jessica!™
  • Hi, I'm Haley.™
  • Emily..
  • kate.
  • Down-fall
  • Live it;Love it;Lust it™
  • Kenzie  ™
  • Brittani.
  • LegendFromHell.™
  • L i e to me.--™
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Latest Activity

Amberr;.. and Jocelyn Ivy<3 are now friends
Oct 5, 2010
Live it;Love it;Lust it™ and Amberr;.. are now friends
Sep 30, 2010
Mello&Ryuki<3 left a comment for Amberr;..
"Ich liebe dich mehr!! Je t'aime plus ! ! ¡Te amo más!! 私はもっと愛する!! I officially freaking love you more. I even said it in 4 languages. Thats right. :D 4. <3333"
Sep 25, 2010
Faded, left a comment for Amberr;..
"XD tomaayytoee XDDD :3 you're GORGEOUS. shaddup<3 (: For your age.. shhheeee XD i've seen UGLY 13 year olds and I was like O_O rofl (:"
Sep 25, 2010

So I forgot my password to both this and my email. XD Making a new account <3 Add me on it? Same screen name.

Things Change And Friends Leave But Life Doesn't Stop For Anybody. So person-I-possibly-don't-know, yes you. The one that keeps checking up on my page. And not talking to me >.> Shy people annoy me. Compliments too. So don't say any, or I'll blush. And that annoys me the most :3 A lot of things annoy me as you can see. I'm a biiig perv :D Make anything sound nasty. 'Legos.' Lego my Ego ;] My age is 14, turning 15 September 8. Getting close to saggy boob years :/ I absolutely love Monster <3 I hate the word 'I' even though I say it a lot :3 Eminem is my hero, best songs ever written. Besides Marylin Manson. I don't exactly talk to guys online. Their always fake, and try to act cool. So I save that gender for real life :) I don't believe in anything but science. I lost my faith in God a long time ago. Plus, school kinda helped that out. Labels make me mad, calling me or someone else 'goth' or 'emo' or 'preppy' etc.. It's dumb. Then making fun of them? Even dumber. I curse, a lot. But trying to stop, I guess. Fakes confuse me, also piss me off. I don't get why they don't put their real pictures up? I'm ugly, but you don't see me hiding from the world. :] I'm Gona Be A Real Girl ! Baseball and soccer are my life. Well, part of it. Being outside is what I love. Adventures too. One day, [Maybe Tonight?] I'm going to a bar and getting drunk. It's a place where a kid can be a kid :D Chuck E Cheese sucks major Justin Bieber balls. [And boy, just Justin like it] You don't even chuck cheese at anyone. You just eat it -.- Rip off? I'd say so. I like nicknames, I guess. Give Me one? Idgafbha what it is. :) Ask me what 'Idgafbha' means. Sooo that means, you have to talk to me. Sucker :P <3


I GOT THE MAGIC IN ME. [: Well Hi There. -- I'm Mayson. And I've GOT THE MAGIC IN ME. [: One day I was talking to Amber,and she pointed out that, that song kinda sounds wrong ; i think you know what she's talking about. ;D Aha. So I'm not here to talk about a song im here to talk about theeee amazing AMBER ! <3 I've know her for ( i actually don't know ) But she is one of my bestfriends. Amber, you mean a lot to me ! Don't leavee ! Remember your gonna be the 80 year old lady on the twilight saga ; maybe i should join you. We could become legends. We'd be the coolest 80 year olds,EVER !! (: D; Amber doesn't like Justin Bieber - She likes to make fun of him, and though i do like him,i laugh at her jokes [: I have to admit,i do make fun of him sometimes. lmao. I bet if Amber could go kill justin bieber RIGHT NOW,she would. And she says she's not evil. [: She may be evil but she sure is A M A Z I N G ! Amber is BEAUTIFUL < 3 and one day,i'm gonna punch her for 2 reasons.1. I'm SO JEALOUS. >.< 2. Because she doesn't believe me.AMBER = gorgeous,pretty,stunning,amazing,funny, good friend, honest,truthful,A FREAKIN' HOTTIE, R E A L < 3 Amber, stop doubting yourself, you are really pretty [: And don't let anyone say your not or else - I will have to bring out my amazingly NOT awesome ninja moves - I can kill someone with just one kick- NOT - im not that cool. I wish i could,because that would be amazing! If anyone hurts you, shove a stick in their eye - [: Ow,that would hurt. Aha;I LOVE YOU < 3loveee,maysonnn [:OFFICAL HACK ; Tuesday September 21,2010 - 2:55.

Love me~Kill me~ Change Me~

Ahhhh Ohhhhh Ehhhh Haiiiii! This is Kris (Duh xD) Hacking my Pain Partner and womanhood destroyer Amberrrr <3 So hmmm. Where to start. Mwahaha >:) Compliments. Yus. That’s where. Amberrrr is amazing! You should already know this. She is crazy funny and makes me laugh so hard I cry :D We have the bestest convos evar. All about secret things I cant tell you or I would have to kill you O_O I love this craza beautiful girl. She takes the MOST EPIC pictures. :3 So yea. Stalker. T_T Why you be stalking??? Its CREEPY. Now, get down there and leave Amber and awesome comment. Better not be boring either. Or I will find you…ahahaha Ninjas. That’s right. Me and you <3 we rock so hard. Like earthquake hard. And one day, when you have finished your hit list, we are going to go prowling, in our glittery cloaks, big sunglasses, bright red lipstick, and Dino/tampon rings, singing “Cooler then me” while we torment old women. Yus. I’ll end this with…I Love you MORE <3 Ich liebe dich mehr!! Je t'aime plus ! ! ¡Te amo más!! 私はもっと愛する!! That’s 5 languages. Yupp. 5. <33 Hacked 9/25/10 @ 10:03pm

Baby Cars ! Horny When Seeing Strangers ! RedHead ! Ohh My !! ;) - Hello There. I'm Hacking Ambuu ! Wow.. I mut be the most special girl ever (: Hmm Let's see what can we say about Ambuu she's the most Amazingest girl ever . She's little right ? So It's like she being my little Adorable sister ! :D How cool is that ? Very cool ! She's has babies o__o It's very creepy.... She has too much *** with cars ... I'm the aunt of her cars and her babies never shout up ! It's F***** anoyying man ! One day i wil crash on her baby cars, ;P . I promise you won't regret talking to this girl at all... Believe me.. P.S Don't ever believe a person that's says "Believe Me" xD Kidding.. Believe me you won't (: We talk about the weirdest things ever ! But you see that's what makes it Awesome of her .. And she's a Pervert too...a Big one.. She gets horny when she sees strangers o__o . And you could talk to her for hours, years , months. seconds.. [No seconds it's too little time (: ] Okay what we're we in.. Ohh yeah you could talk to her for hours and never get bored ! It's creepy But she's magical... Really :) . I love her "Red Head" It's Adorable ! And She's soooo Prewtyy ! :D . Some people hurt her and she shouldn't get hurt she's really Special to me and she should be to everyone else . I love you Ambuu <3 Know that and I won't ever leave you behind . Trust me -Manderz - <'3

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At 4:40pm on September 22, 2010, Blue Ninja™ said…
I am Your Stripper! <3 Hey Amberr Guess What?!......

You're Awesome <3
At 4:53pm on September 21, 2010, Mayson. said…
your gonna be a crazy 80 year old lady. ;D
At 8:44pm on September 20, 2010, brooke. said…
Haha. [:
Oh,Amber; you make me laugh.
And,this time im gonna be on more now.

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