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Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?
I'm really annoying and I try to be
I like stripes only the oblic kind
I like food
and I dress weird
I also do scocal experiments at the local food maxand have brought my two cats there on a leash one looks like a racoon and the other looks like a big orange shedding ball of fat!
When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
I had my friend read me the twilight saga over the phone in 2009 because I'm lazy and it had too many big words and pages for my small ability to comprehend that was two big words in a row it was over 6 letters! and now I read at least one each day because of my addiction problem with the twilight saga
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
team edward because I think jcob is jut trying to show edward up and jacob is a rapist he kissed her with out asking and edward may be a pedafile being 90 and likeing a seventeen year old but that's besides the point!
Which Character Are You Most Like?
I've taken many tests over the enternet an they keep coming up bella but in my opinion I'm more like alice because I try to be creepy and anoying.
Favorite Books
I love the twilight books but I like the first and third and fourth I didn't really like the second I mean it was interisting watching or well listining bella go crazy but I like it when they are together it's more humorus that was also a big word it had more than six letters in it!
What is Your Favorite Music
I like the new age country like rascal flatts carrie underwood and taylor swift are my top three
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
I loved the movie first I didn't even know that there was a book untill one of my good friends started to hate the thing altogether you see she loved the books before they were popular and they became popular and she don't like them any more in her frantic quest to be origonal and the thing that burns me is she gave up a peice of herself to be origonal but is it really worth it? but that's besides the point I also like charmed on tnt an the twilight board game
Favorite Quotes:
well that's nice
well that cheeze has been on the door for a while
how'd that feel
I don't have issues
I don't have a pipe cleaner addiction problem
I'm not in denyal
when the kangaroo start's a jump'n on the comequatts you aren't gonna be able to tie your shooes
get over it
get over your self
Favorite Activities
talking to my friends andrea katie kayla or k-hole
talking to people over the phone
doing socal experiments at food max and the flea market
annoting people and acting crazy
doing my eyeliner no I'm not emo or goth but does it really matter I'm just a person
playing foot ball
talk'n like a hilbilly
reading the twilight books and listing to satlight radio /new country
singing (horribly I might add)
I told my friend I got this thing not sure what it s yet but she wanted me to put this on it her thoughts for a half an hour.

Thoughts from mrs. pants
-bite size apple nuggets would be a good book title

-tio has large breats (tio may I explain is the only mexican in our tiny school of about 25)

-adam mumbles too much and it makes me want to slap him (adam is a big jurk and on of the many who is in love with a diffrent friend of mine kayla or k-hole as I like to prefur to her and he is a mix between mexican and indian but it doesn't matter much he's still a person a rude person I might add too bad hes n my grade 7th)

-mrs parat is nutts (mrs parat is totally mean and ooh I hate her she is the science and math teacher we only have two teachers this year)

-adam has a mustache if you look at him at the right angle

-kyle needs to brush and straitn that curly part on the side cuz he looks like an idiot(kyle is also in love with k-hole and has long hair for a boy and got bumped from 5th to 6th and is now in 8th)

-Laura is ugly(laura is not the prettyest person at our school but there is nothing wrong with her and she also has a twilight addiction she is in the 8th grade and foster care)

-I wanna dance with axl rose( andea may not havea twilight addiction any more but she is in love with 80's glam mettal)

-jerry has the mind set of a 7 year old(jerry is annoying beyond repair well so am I but that's besides the point he has blonde hair and blu faded eyes and he is the school hottie for some od apperant reason oh did i metion he's only about four fet tall he's really short for his age consittering he 's in the 8th grade)

-nappy pony tail( I have no clue here)

-fuzzy sweater (also I' drawing a blank)

-BALLS (got me again)

-my foots sleeping

-let's go clubbin

-round,round upn' down!move so fast never touch the ground! high,high,tough the sky don't come down! don't mae me try!(proably song lyrics?)

-Amelio maes me wan to cry( amelio that's me )

-no homo (have no clue)


-get ready for some mettal

-goats and popcorn plants

-tew tew! (or two two she put it in hillbilly slang we like to talk to each other in it)

-payton (he's a rude little kindergardener whe you could just kick over the fence you know what I mean)

-capton jack spearow is my hero!


-oh joyus day

-he's just so unusual!

-what what?in the butt!what what?in the butt! wanna do it in the butt,in the butt,?wanna do it in the butt,in the butt? wanna do it in the butt, in the butt?let's do it in the but! OKAY!

-I'll shoot you and wear your boots!

-autumn has an ugly face(autum i in the fouth grade I belive and she is no ugly or any thingbut even though she is most likely american she looks asian and nothing like her isters and none of her sisters loo any thing like each other so?)

-jessicas food taes like butt (jessica is our coo and she maes us home made meals switch are better than most public schools)


-thank you and give me your money!

now rember these are my frinds thoughts not mine!

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Amelia peach's Blog


Posted on September 9, 2009 at 5:30pm 0 Comments

I fell on water in the cafeteria yeaterday and in mud after that and today i fell down stairs over a crack in the side walk a tree root named henery and air and after that I fell down a steep hill!

this goes to show no matter what color my hair is I 'm always going to be blonde in side.

word of the day~fumble~

1. fumbled action: an act or instance of fumbling

2. sports fumbled ball: a ball in sports that is dropped or mishandled

[Mid-16th century.… Continue

my best friend

Posted on August 30, 2009 at 11:25pm 0 Comments

her complection is like cream and roses

her smile is so bright it's an up side down rainbow

her eyes are golden butter scotch

her hair is as blonde as sunshine like god took the sun's rays and molded every strand

her teeth are as straight as hue heffner

her body looks like god molded her himself out of clay

her lips are like a rose

her humor is as dry as oroville lake

she's more mature than a 20 year old salmon

she has the voice of an arch… Continue


Posted on July 30, 2009 at 11:54pm 0 Comments

hot guys with flippy hair!! listen to me you look better with hair!! wemen you can save a guys hair just one compliment will save their hair!!

help the world, save your hair or you will be ugly people sprayed(it means to be sprayed with pepper spray-ugly people spray)

word of the day~intercedes


in·ter·cede [ìntər sd]

(past in·ter·ced·ed, past participle in·ter·ced·ed, present participle in·ter·ced·ing, 3rd person present singular… Continue

small town happiness

Posted on July 29, 2009 at 9:17pm 0 Comments

when you can ride your bike to get a choclate bar when you want it
no gangs
ponds to swim in
you now every one
pitch forks
lots of horses
county fair
cow boy hats
coke a cola
stary nights
sheep shavings
going swimn' in the krek
and most importantly some where to hide

word of the day~entraciptian:
meaning~ a person who listens and intercedes on other's conversations

happy thoughts

Posted on July 28, 2009 at 11:30am 0 Comments

when you look at stars and think aliens are gonna get cha!

when you get a new pair of shooes and you keep falling down

jumping from a great hight and you land it

when all your friends have been contaminated by sex and you can make fun of them because your still a virgin and have no kids~ what a wonder full thought to contimplate at a later hour

shiny free things that you find at the beach

clean hair

finding some ones answers in the math book from the year… Continue

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