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  • Yo vivo la vida al máximo/ Vivo Vita all'il più Pieno
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Yo vivo la vida al máximo/ Vivo Vita all'il più Pieno Amore mio amore della mia vita/Amo a mi amor de mi vida

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At 4:07pm on April 30, 2010, ★♪ Savannah & Daisy Marx ★♪ said…
At 4:05pm on April 30, 2010, ★♪ Savannah & Daisy Marx ★♪ said…
Yo lo tenga si me gusta
At 3:54pm on April 30, 2010, ★♪ Savannah & Daisy Marx ★♪ said…

Profile Information

Five Things Everyone Should Know About You?

Amore mio amore della mia vita con tutto quello che ho e più lui è il mio tutto.
1. I am Taken./Married
2. I am 20
3. I am Spanish/Italian
4. I can be a B****
5. I have 3 kids.

In Italian
1. Sono Portato.
2. Sono 20
3. Sono lo spagnolo/italiano
4. Posso essere un B****
5. Ho 3 figli.

In Spanish
1. Estoy Tomada.
2. Tengo 20
3. Soy español / italiano
4. Yo puedo ser un B ****
5. Tengo 3 hijos.

1,My Full name. is Daisybelle Maire Marx.
2.I am Taken/Engaged
3.I am 18
4.I can be a B*** and i can be lovable. but don't mess with me or my family
5. i have 3 kids
6. I am Spanish/Italian .
In Spanish.
1, mi nombre completo. es Daisybelle Maire Marx.
Tomado 2.He am / Comprometido
3.i 18 am
4.I puede ser un B *** y puedo ser adorable. pero no se metan conmigo o mi familia
5. tengo 3 hijos.
6. Soy español / italiano.

In Italian
1, il mio nome completo. Maire è Daisybelle Marx.
2.I am Taken / occupato
3.Mi am 18
4.Ho può essere una B *** e posso essere amabile. ma non si scherza con me o la mia famiglia
5. Ho 3 figli.
6. Io sono spagnolo / italiano.

When Did You First Read Twilight (year) and how many times have you read a Twilight Book (total)?
Never have and Never will
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
Team Myself. Because I am No Team
Which Character Are You Most Like?
Rosalie Hale
Favorite Books
Anything Good
What is Your Favorite Music
Nelly Furtado, Daddy Yankee,Pitbull Ect.
Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Games:
Family Guy,Simpson

Savannah- My poems

I remember each second of that night
each time I try to forget the pain and memory of that time it is still there
I remember when you got on top of me and held me down and even though I screamed for help nobody came
now I live with it each day of my life
I try to remember it was not my fault but still deep inside I think it was
How could you take something from me that was not yours to take
How could you sleep at night knowing that I can't
How could you of raped me and pretend you never did
How can I cope with it when I know I can't?????


Door Of Pain
In my life you're the one thing I fear,
And before you die, this you must hear.
Everyday we were out to play,
we'd laugh and joke, and together we'd stay.
Even Saturday's we'd go to the mall.
our great rapport was never to fall.
We had our favorite restaurants and we loved to eat,
in our famous foot race, I was never to be beat.
We’d get in your truck and drive off to town,
I was so happy my face was never to frown.
And as years past bye your pecan trees grew higher,
and our relationship bond grew tighter and tighter.
Something felt wrong and I hoped it wouldn’t happen.
But it did and I face it each day of my life,
I got to be strong I’ve got to put down the knife.
What you did was so wrong and disgusting might I say,
you'll never understand how I felt that day.
When people walk by and they start to wonder,
I feel like the rain in a dark cold thunder.
I'm slowly coming down from this misery I'm in,
I'm taking back what you have given because I'm giving in.
I can go to psychiatrists and spill out my thoughts,
they can prescribe me pills and say I've been taught.
They can look at me and say "It's ok I Understand"
But they will never feel the fear of a,
'Grandfather's Hand'.
You don't look back on what was begun,
your losing your self in who you've become.
Now your gone to where you think its safe,
where no one knows about the pain that I face.
Its so sad that your neighbors have no clue,
all the people around you don't really know you.
Well Congratulations for fooling the world,
but shame on you for hurting this girl.
Don't worry too much but a day will come,
when revenge will be given for the damage you've done.
For right now I'll sit in the back of your mind,
while you remember how I used to be kind.
And later on in your old pathetic life,
you'll see me and how badly you ruined mine.
You soon shall feel what I have felt for years,
My head will turn, as your eyes fill with tears.
Now before you die I hope you comprehend it,
The pain you left now that its ended
I hope your new life is better mine
I'm sure your going on like everything's fine
And the day it hits you … what you didn’t see before,
Will be that final day that I close that door
No more ……..

They Can No Longer Hurt Me
Blood boiled in every vain,
Like a flicker in every flame.
Tears streaming from my eyes,
Cause my life is built on lies.
Over powered by my fears,
So I kept quiet for many years.
The secrets tore me up inside.
With a twisted mind and arms atied
They took their turns,
So I buried the burns.
I grew up thinking it was my fault.
My fault for every rape, and every assault.
Those dark memories still haunt my brain,
And still I feel I'm the one to blame.
Every night I lie awake,
Wondering how much I can take.
If only someone would have listened,
To the screams and to the pleads.
Maybe I could have ended it all,
And still be able to stand tall.
But enough's enough.
Tonight I will stay tough
And maybe for once they will see
That they can no longer hurt me.

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