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AnnaMarie. ♥'s Friends

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Profile Information

What is Your Favorite Music

Goodnite from us Both! ♥ I think Sky will be on tomarrow

Drope Dead Darling.♥

Cause hunny, Id kill to see me to.
Alright Alright hold youre applause, Im AnnaMarie Smick. Yep thats me. Im single Girl Im 17 and Bisexual. Im really... Flirty :) Im a boyfreind stealer. Im A vampire. And... Human Blood Is my Cocain You could say... I kill All and every Humans That tick me off. Im A verry cocky person :) Im good at makeing freinds.. If there allready dead ♥ Anywayas. If you Want to Know more Just ask Darlings -Blows A Kiss- Muah♥ My background life... Is kinda Bad, I Cheated on my boyfreind with a SMOKING girl, Whoooo She was hot... Actually.. now that i think about it so is he :) Anyways, i Take boys, Bite them Take what i need And let them turn.. Just like me :) Im really popular in High school. You wouldnt belive it.. Anyways. I love you

Haha you thought this was over. No way in hell. Hehe. Im a leader. i dont take orders. I make you do what i want you to do because its who i am :) now i know what youre keeping, A secret. Better lock it in your pocet takeing this one to the grave.- i Keep secrets, because it brings people Closer. I dont tell and never has :) i Love being the center of attention. I have a sister shes older then me but i boss her around alot :) Hah Well let me think im really fun to be around. my freinds love me... yet they hate me. Im nothing special.. Except that im cute bubbly nice good in school.. pretty much all a young teen should be. and is .Well i guess. Thats all Ask if you wanna know more? Muah Muah ♥!


> im Sky ....Im the follower im 19 Unfotionatly :( Im fun to be around. when my sister isnt hogging the attention. my parents dont love me as much because, my little sister is perfect she is President Of the school and i was VP, she got 5 physical Awards.. i Got 4. she knows all my secrets.. she thinks it brings us closer! when were really mad at each other... she still doesnt tell! you couldnt tell by looking at her but... shes 50% Gay. it kinda scares me but.. i guess its alright.anyways, im Single And STRAIGHT. Were usually on At diffrent times.. But if shes on and im not u can allways leavae a message :) our profile pic will tell you whos online. if both our pics are up were both on :) But thats rare

its horrible... my past. i was premature by a MONTH... my family gave up on me and left me for DEAD. i couldnt bare it. i was sent to foster after foster... But one family.. took me in... And... Bit me. Changed me into a bloodsucker. i hate what i am. im a complete monster! but AnnaMarie Injoys the power... She doesnt understand yet. But she will... Trust me. im More of a city girl. As with Annamarie, Shes A totall Classy urban Girl. Well... hit me up with questions :)

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